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UTJ Meets to Discuss Election Campaign Strategies
by E. Rauchberger

UTJ-HaShabbos-Agudas Yisroel-Degel Hatorah met last week at Degel Hatorah's Bnei Brak office to discuss campaign plans for the upcoming elections. Participants at the meeting included party candidates Rabbi Yaakov Litzman, Rabbi Avrohom Ravitz, Rabbi Meir Porush, Rabbi Moshe Gafni, Rabbi Shmuel Halpert and Rabbi Uri Maklev.

Platform issues were discussed during the course of he meeting and each MK delivered a report on progress made in his area of responsibility. Rabbi Litzman, who leads the party list, presented his work as head of the Publicity Bureau and discussed progress made in reaching the target groups. He said UTJ was set to launch its central campaign slogan and noted that a public relations team has been working hard on the presentation of the party platform to the public at large.

Rabbi Litzman said that even those who do not identify with UTJ recognize it as a party that attends to the needs of its constituents, represents the underclass and has made unprecedented legislative efforts on social issues. "The party's achievements that will be presented to the public will speak for themselves," he said.

Election Staff Chairman Rabbi Avrohom Ravitz directed the meeting, providing an overview of the election committee's progress. He said the campaign staff would soon begin working out of a rented space designated as campaign headquarters, concentrating all of the departments in one location to maximize collaboration and ensure the campaign's success.

Rabbi Meir Porush, in charge of the Election Day staff, said he has already selected a transportation staff that would do all in its power to see that the efforts invested into the campaign would bear fruit on Election Day and that all eligible voters would turn out at the polls to exercise their right/obligation to vote.

Staff Organization Chairman Rabbi Moshe Gafni presented a national breakdown according to districts and sub-districts as well as small cities and large cities, explaining how local headquarters would operate in each area, and how they planned to reach as many people as possible in every locale to present them with the message of Torah-true Judaism.

Rabbi Shmuel Halpert spoke of the need for cooperation between all of the various departments to guarantee the success of the task at hand. He issued a reminder of UTJ's earnest concern for the weaker classes throughout the past term and the accusations lodged against the party for showing such concern.

During the meeting, the modes of operation of all local headquarters were approved, including the division of responsibilities and internal cooperation.

Concerns were raised of a very real possibility following the elections that for the first time ever an entirely secular unity government could form, a government liable to erase all of UTJ's achievements. Those present at the meeting noted that professional pollsters say this time, perhaps unlike appearances at the beginning of the election campaign, that the matter will be decided by one or two mandates, or three at most.

Also present at the meeting were the directors of the various staff sections and MK representatives.

The meeting was the second time last week that the general election staff met. The first meeting was held at the Agudas Yisroel Center to discuss election preparations. During a meeting of the Information Staff also held last week, party candidates and the strategic team reviewed various means of disseminating the party's platform.

A meeting of the Election-Day Staff held on Wednesday brought together Election Day Chairman Rabbi Meir Porush and directors of the election-day department in large cities. Lessons from the previous elections were analyzed and the directors offered suggestions for the present election campaign.


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