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Counting Klal Yisroel

Up until sometime around 150 years ago, the Jews of the world were a pretty well-defined and homogeneous group. Everyone knew who was Jewish and who not, and all Jews shared a very close relationship to the Torah, largely accepting its authority in determining how to lead one's life and its teachings in matters of knowledge and belief. Since then, there have been radical changes.

Jew Hatred
by Rav Alexander Zusha Friedman Hy'd

Kisses of Hatred

When Eisov was on his way to meet Yaakov and attack him, Yaakov despatched messengers to convey the message to Eisov, "I have dwelt with Lovon yet I have kept all the mitzvos." He wanted to let Eisov know that he was not at all afraid of encountering him since he kept all of Hashem's commandments and this was the most effective shield he could hope to have to protect him against the provocations of Eisov and Lovon.

Bero Mezakeh Abba
by Martin D. Stern

Dear Chaim,

I was very sorry to hear of the petiroh of your father o.h. As I also went through the same experience just over a year ago, I know exactly how you must feel. That his last few weeks were spent in hospital must have been particularly distressing for you as the geriatric wards are, at the best of times, depressing places. I am sure that he really appreciated your being with him every day and your kibbud av was an example to us all.

Equality, Evading Suffering And Pharaoh's Lies
by Rabbi D. Makover

Equal Before Hashem

"And these are the names of the Jews who came to Egypt." Rashi explains here: "Although Hashem made a head-count of the Jewish people during their lifetime, He made a further head-count with their death. This illustrates His love for them. Like the star, Hashem counts them when He brings them out and again when He returns them, as the verse in Yeshaya (40:26) tells us, `Hashem brings out the stars in a count. He names each one individually.'"

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