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London Beis Yaakov Primary School celebrates Standards Inspection Success
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Beis Yaakov Primary School in the London Borough of Barnet is celebrating the publication of its excellent Ofsted and Pikuach reports, following the recent successful inspections. The school has grown to over 400 girls from the kehillos of northwest London.

The limudei kodesh inspection was undertaken by chinuch experts Rabbi Meir Roberg and Rev Michael Binstock of Pikuach, the organization that inspects Jewish schools. The reports reflect the outstanding achievements of the school and the significant accomplishments of the menahel, Headteacher and staff.

"Beis Yaakov is the only girls' primary school in our area that has all its educational provision and standards scrutinized by external kodesh and chol inspectors," said Menahel Mr. David Jacobson. "The importance of this for parents is that the education their girls receive is measured against accepted standards. We are proud to have surpassed these standards."

During the week-long inspection, all aspects of the school were thoroughly investigated, including standards in limudei kodesh and National Curriculum subjects, the quality of teaching, attitudes to learning, and the school's leadership and management.

The Pikuach inspectors praised the school where "the kodesh teachers are highly dedicated and motivated and are a major strength of the school."

The Ofsted inspector judged standards to be particularly good in English, maths, science, physical education and music. The inspector stated: "Standards in English are above average, and in mathematics they are well above and in the top 5 percent of schools nationally." It was further noted that the school had set "challenging targets" and that "pupils were on course to achieve these targets."

All inspectors reported pupils to have very positive attitudes to school, and behavior was judged to be good throughout the age range. It was reported that "all staff display a deep concern for pupils and their caring, positive attitudes are well reflected in the good progress that pupils make during their life and the school and the confidence with which they learn. They thrive in the positive climate of learning."

Although devoting only half of its time to chol subjects, the school has nevertheless surpassed national standards achieving straight As in all subjects. The quality of teaching was particularly praised . The inspectors concluded that "the drive for high levels of achievement and attainment is an important part of every lesson -- and learning remains fun."

The leadership and management of the school by the Chair of Governors Mr. Andrew Cohen, the Menahel Mr. David Jacobson, and the Headteacher Mrs. Caroline Scharfer, was commended for its strong partnership and clarity of vision for the future development of the school.

Headteacher Mrs. Caroline Scharfer said: "I am thrilled with the report, which contained no educational issues for us. I am especially pleased that the quality of our teaching and learning was highly commended, and that -- in the inspector's opinion -- we have a very successful school."

Chair of Governors Andrew Cohen said: "We are absolutely delighted with these reports and with the inspector's positive opinion on all aspects of the school. The school was founded 30 years ago and has grown meichayil el choyil producing a stream of girls educated to the highest standards of Torah and yiras Shomayim. Parents and Governors appreciate the hard work that the menahel, headteacher and all the staff have contributed in recent years and their ongoing commitment to the school. We are all proud to be associated with the success of the school."


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