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Home and Family
To Toddle
by Rifca Goldberg

His small body toddles,
From side to side he waddles,
He carries on -- fearless,
He thinks his struggle peerless.

Then he falls -- disaster!
The tears come faster and faster.
I wipe his cheeks and give a hug,
Small foot impressions in the rug.

Another, another fall,
He's not hindered, not at all.
Soon walking solid and so sure,
His eyes shiny. Happy. Pure.

But then I wonder on my world,
On each challenge, on each hurl.
Do my steps contain such purity,
Tackling each challenge with such surety?

Am I hindered with each trial,
Not knowing if it's all worthwhile?
When I fall, or fail, in life
In being daughter, mother, wife?

Do I remember what it's for?
That it is the KING we stand before?
Knowing that my step, each one
Is strengthened from the Holy One?

I can only hope and pray
As I keep trying day by day
To see my efforts and imprints unfurl
With positivity in this world.


Joys of Motherhood

by A. Reader

My baby wakes up and he cries,
My baby wakes up and he screams,
Is he cold? Is he wet? Is he teething?
Or is he just having bad dreams?

I jump out of bed in a hurry,
I don't want my husband to hear,
He gets up so early each morning,
And needs his few hours, poor Dear.

I pick up this pitiful bundle,
Who's screaming so loudly. I wince,
What ails you, my precious, my darling?
My gorgeous, my beautiful prince?

Here, sweetheart, I'll feed you, and change you
Then rock you quite gently to sleep,
You'll go in your crib and sleep tightly,
No whimpers or cries. Not a peep.

But Baby has other intentions,
He gurgles and plays with his fist,
He's up now for ever and ever,
He likes it, the way he gets kissed.

He's fine now, my tired mind tells me,
He's back in his crib. Now I'll go.
He tells me quite firmly he wants me,
Puts on this expression of woe.

So what can I do with this darling,
This monster, this spoiled little brat?
Come on then, and join me as usual,
In my bed for the night, and that's that!


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