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Lev L'Achim Warns About Scientology Cult's Want Ads
by Betzalel Kahn

The Anti-Cult and Anti-Mission Department of Lev L'Achim has found recent attempts of the Scientology cult in Israel to lure naive Jews and to convert them. Their ploy is to publish innocent appearing "want ads" with tempting job offers in the daily newspapers and on street posters.

These announcements, which appear in the papers among other job offers, invite people to call telephone numbers which are said to be offering attractive, high-paying jobs.

These telephone numbers though, lead to Scientology cult centers which have names such as The College of Scientology, the Dimor Institute, Merchavim and the Business Management College.

Those who respond to such adds are invited to take a free "business aptitude test." After the first test, they are invited to take additional tests and to attend workshops of the cult, in which they are exposed to the principles of Scientology and are urged to participate in various activities in order to achieve "success in life."

Though the cult presents its teachings as a set of "neutral" techniques, tools and insights for life, maranan verabonon have determined that participation in the activities of the Scientology cult is actual avoda zora, and have forbidden all contact with them.

The heads of Lev L'Achim's Anti-Cult and Anti-Mission Department are monitoring the Scientology cult's activities. They warn people not to participate in any type of workshops or tests without first examining who sponsors them, and surely not before it has become absolutely clear that they are not connected to dangerous cults.

Lev L'Achim has made its Emergency Information and Help Center available to the community. At this center, one may receive information on the workshops and clubs sponsored by the cults. Its number is: 1-800-366-100.

Recently, Lev L'Achim circulated street posters and leaflets which warn people to beware of the attempts of the Scientologists to lure them. The posters cite the conclusions of the Knesset's inter-ministerial committee which, a number of years ago, thoroughly investigated various cults and wrote in its report that participation in the cult's activities inflicts serious psychological damage.

They call to people to be on the alert and not to be lured by these offers. They also ask people to apprise Lev L'Achim's information center about any suspect activity.


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