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Decisions of the Emergency Meeting about Yerushalayim
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

HaRav Boruch Shmuel Hakohen Deutsch, chairman of Degel Hatorah's Vaadat HaRabbonim in Jerusalem, announced the decisions made at the emergency meeting:

"At a special emergency meeting of the directorship of Degel Hatorah in Jerusalem, with HaRav Eliashiv's agent HaRav Yosef Efrati in attendance to transmit Maran's daas Torah, on Thursday, 13 Iyar, gedolei Torah and members of Degel Hatorah's Vaadat HaRabbonim, arrived at the following decisions following deliberation:

A. The directorship of Degel Hatorah and all participating members, each man according to his abilities, are called upon in accordance with a directive from HaRav Eliashiv shlita to apply every available means to thwart plans to set up a Reform school in Jerusalem in the framework of the City of Jerusalem's educational system.

B. The directorship of Degel Hatorah will assist in every area and will stand by the special Vaadat HaRabbonim appointed to work on this issue in coordination with Maranan Verabonon shlita, and will also stand by the chareidi and religious City Council members who are working to defeat this plot to bring Reform schools into Jerusalem.

C. All municipality figures involved in the issue will be informed that chareidi Jewry views lending a hand in setting up Reform schools within the framework of the municipal education system as an extremely grave step equated with lending a hand in setting up a school for heresy, mockery and fraudulent presentation of the Torah. Such a school is worse than secular government schools because it provides education in a false religion.

D. Degel Hatorah representatives in the Knesset will use all means at their disposal to assist City Council members and all Jerusalem activists involved in this issue to prevent any move, whether direct or indirect, that could promote the setup of this type of school, or even to participate in any forum that lends a hand to such a school.

E. Degel Hatorah calls for strengthened cooperation on this issue among religious parties.


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