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Things to Throw and Catch
by R' Zvi Zobin

Throwing and catching help develop a wide range of basic motor, sensory and vision skills and are a favorite among children.

Repeat Performance
by Esther Lichtig, Beitar

I was sitting by my window. I do that a lot these days. Firstly, because I love the view, and secondly, perhaps more honestly, because that pink battered couch that lives in the corner of my living room has an irrestible alluring quality that my tired body can't seem to ignore.

An Alternative for Aviva
by Chana Leah Weiner

Aviva Halpert is a sweet-natured fifteen-year-old girl who moved to Israel with her family from a suburb of New York City. She has two older and four younger siblings. The Halperts planned their aliya carefully but were concerned about how their children, especially the older ones, would adjust to living in Israel.

Life Details
by Rifca Goldberg

She felt like a young girl again! She pulled her sleeves down more smoothly, adjusting her tichel until it was tied just right; for a 53- year-old woman she looked just fine. Devora would soon be arriving from America to stay here in Israel for one whole week! She finished preparing lunch quickly, a lightness in her step that she had forgotten ever existed.

Making Ends Meet
by Rosally Saltsman

Part III

We refer you to the previous two parts, featured last week and the week before.

30. I just want to mention a pet peeve I have about people trying to save money. Many people set their phones to receive calls only. This ruffles my feathers for two reasons.

Ounces of Safety Prevention Part II
adapted from an article by Rochel Gil

"Each time my skin prickles when I hear about minor accidents from `innocent' cups of boiling coffee or tea left on the table," says Michal Klein from Beterem, an organization aimed to increase adult awareness of danger areas BEFORE accidents happen.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Because of phone calls, letters and personal visits of people requesting medical information, I will use this week's column to answer, albeit briefly, these requests.

Poet's Corner
An American Exile
(From "Wayward Ram," an original cassette produced and arranged by Chaim Salenger and Jeff Horovitch)

You can see it in their eyes
As they walk along their home
The narrow dusty streets that are Jerusalem stone.
That they've come to realize
What they've heard but never known
And the faces they are wearing are
American made.

From the land of silk and money
Where the free life comes so easy,
Where grandfather came
To buy a better life.
Where that great green gentile lady
Said, "Welcome to my country
And maybe you'll survive an American exile."

An American exile
An American exile
We are fading
We are fading
An American exile
An American exile
We are fading and fading away...

Like snowflakes softly melting
In a kind of blind surrender
Though some remain protected as they
With a feeling nagging, leading
To the crystal Sinai waters,
Washing away An American exile.

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