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Memories of Days Gone By

by Anni Rephun Fruchter

Some weeks after Pesach 1929, I came home from school to find my parents in the dining room with exciting news. In the summer vacation, Mutti (`Mother' in German), my brother Sholom and I were to travel to Kolbuszowa, Poland, to meet and visit Mutti's mother, the Babdje Chave, and Papa's mother, the Bobbe Chaya, and all of our family there whom we had never seen. My youngest brother, Osher Yeshaya, would stay home, as he was a baby and it was a long trip.

The Benefactor
by Sudy Rosengarten

Part I

The following is a true story of moral courage, of the uncompromise of values that has become the hallmark of the Bais Yaakov model of the Jewish Daughter.

Chiropractic Self Care
by Dr. Zalman Medwed

Our bodies have a wondrous design which reflects the wisdom of the Creator. At birth, however, we don't come with an owner's manual like a car or an appliance. Understanding how to take care of our spine is a prerequisite for back health.

Some Ideas on Running Your Home - and Yourself - More Effectively
by Masha Wolf

Masha Wolf, our child therapist and consultant, began answering this question last week. Here is Part II

by Rosally Saltsman

I believe it is correct to say that the cemeteries are full of people who have, for the most part, led full lives and have overcome the tragedies in them. Most people die in their 70s and 80s and have died with something to show for their lives.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

The lungs are amazing organs. They are responsible for bringing oxygen to all the cells in our body and for releasing carbon dioxide which is a by-product of cell metabolism. They have amazing absorption capabilities: medications given by liquids or aerosols are absorbed into the blood stream in seconds.

Poet's Corner

Yisroel - Please Call
by E. Isaacs

"My purse is empty
There's not a penny in sight,
I'll ask Abba to send money,
I'll phone him tonight."

Yisroel sighed, he really was troubled,
"Guy never has to ask at all,
Abba sends him huge checks,
Which I only receive if I call."

"Yisroel -- what a delight, what a joy!
To hear your voice, my favorite son!
I know -- I know, I have another,
But you, Yisroel, are my favorite one!

"How I relish every minute,
How I yearn for your conversation,
It's only with you, Yisroel,
That I've such a close relation.

"I don't wish for Guy's contact
For his calls I don't wait,
His voice and request simply repel me,
They only serve to aggravate.

"I purposely send Guy
All the money he might require,
Whereas when you run out of cash,
You respond with the call that I desire."
"My dearest son, Yisroel,
Don't sigh when you phone,
Because Guy will never, ever,
Have as much as you can own.

"You only need ask,
But ask -- you must,
Heaven is the upper limit,
While the bottom one is dust."

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