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Immortalized Before the Grave
by P. Milgrom

Those who feel they are important enough for a stamp to be issued in their honor do not have to wait until they are elected prime minister or until they receive a Nobel Prize.

The Postal Authority is now offering an easier way: anyone's portrait can be printed on a personal stamp and sent by regular mail to friends and acquaintances around the world.

At the International Philatelic Exhibition held in Jerusalem this week, the public was presented with a fascinating new service. Several photography stations were set up on the exhibition grounds where visitors were able to have their pictures taken and be issued personalized stamps on the spot. For NIS 35 visitors were able to purchase a sheet of 16 personal-issue stamps, with a self-portrait printed on an official stamp featuring a border of native Israeli flowers. The stamps could then be used as postage on letters sent domestically or abroad.

Postal Authority Director-General Dan Nadiv said he expects thousands of people to take advantage of the opportunity to appear on official State of Israel stamps. Nadiv added that the personalized stamp has a high appeal worldwide, and that this type of stamp is already in use in a number of countries. Philatelic Services Director Yeinon Beilin says that after the success of the venture at stamp exhibitions around the world over the past two years, the Postal Authority is looking into the possibility of issuing personalized stamps on a permanent basis. The problem is that in Israel various hostile and criminal elements could use the idea to disseminate pictures of figures from the world of crime or the world of terror.

It would be interesting to see how the prime minister, for example, would react if his office got flooded with letters bearing the picture a of well-known prisoner for whom thousands of people are calling for an early release.


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