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Equal Under the Law

In 1979 the Israeli Knesset passed a law that said that any public servant who receives a gift in the line of his duty must turn it over to the State. The law and its regulations are very clear, and very encompassing: it is the same whether the worker himself receives the gift, or his or her spouse, or a child who lives with them. The gift is State property and must be turned over.

The World is Just For Me
by Rabbi Moshe Young

You walk along a street, you sit in a bus. There are so many faces, some staring, others looking, some animated and others dull. Even by looking into their eyes, their thoughts defy scrutiny. No two faces look alike and no thoughts nor opinions match each other. One cannot peer into the mind of another person. This is the identity of man. This is why man was created as an individual, only one person, so that each person should be obliged to say "bishvili nivro ho'olom -- the world was created just for me."

Cellular Terrorism
by Rabbi Nosson Grossman

Over the last few months, the lack of reception for cellular phones in Israel has become a signal for panic about yet another terrorist outrage, or at least a suspected bomb. Anyone who cannot make or receive phone calls on his cell phone for some unexplained reason rushes to hear the latest news.

The Free Market Place of Ideas Under Siege
by Jonathan Rosenblum

The contempt of Israel's elites for the free market place of ideas is an old story with ever new wrinkles. The latest wrinkle is the revelation of an entire department in the State Prosecutor's office devoted to harassing right-wing extremists via an unending stream of suits for incitement and related "crimes."

"You Shall Count Fifty Days"
by L. Jungerman

"`And you shall count for yourselves from the morrow of the Sabbath from the day that you bring the Omer of the wave offering, seven complete Sabbaths shall there be up to the morrow after the seventh Sabbath shall you number fifty days' -- It is a mitzva to count the days and a mitzva to count the weeks" (Maseches Rosh Hashonoh 5).

Zimbabwe Facts and Figures?

To The Editor:

Re: Yated Ne'eman 27 Nisan

On page 40 you printed an article on Zimbabwe which contains figures that are grossly incorrect. It is the responsibility of a newspaper to check the information it puts out for, if you get even only one thing hopelessly wrong, how is any reader going to be able to have confidence in anything you write?

Observations: Abolishing Memorial Day
by M. Tzvi

Rav Shlomo Aviner, the rav of Beit El and a leading rabbi from the national-religious camp, has issued a statement suggesting the possibility of abolishing IDF Memorial Day (that immediately precedes Independence Day, usually held on 4 Iyar) and saying the Yizkor prayer for fallen soldiers on Independence Day (Yom Ha'atzma'ut) itself.

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