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Gilo Gets Bullet Barriers; Attacks Continue on Both Sides
by Yated Ne'eman Staff and M Plaut

As Palestinians renewed the shooting from Beit Jala towards Gilo, the Jerusalem Municipality and the State completed the first state of protecting the apartments in Gilo from Palestinian attacks as they put bullet proof glass in at least one room of 620 apartments exposed to attacks.

The issue of "Who is a Jew?" Storms Germany
by Yisroel Freedman

Jewish communities in Germany are in an upheaval. Mass emigration from the CIS to Germany is on the rise. The German government's indiscriminate policy of opening its gates, without quotas or time limitations, is disturbing the status quo of the local Jewish population. Under current German Law, anyone who is Jewish, or even a gentile who has a Jewish relative, is able to procure permanent residency in Germany. This fact is causing World Jewry to be on the alert.

Knesset Committee Discussed Discrimination Against Chareidi Education in Deprived Cities
by Eliezer Rauchberger

The Knesset Finance Committee has approved a request by the Finance Ministry to transfer NIS 25 million to ten cities with low economic levels. The purpose of the grant is to reduce the wide discrepancy between these and more economically successful cities.

Arab Policemen in 1929 Unable to Control Rioting in Chevron Following Unrest on Har Habayis
by Udi Mor (Zussman)

On Friday, the 17th of Av (August 23, 1929), after long months of tension between Jews and Arabs, rioting broke out in Jerusalem. Muslims prayer- goers left Har Habayis and attacked Jewish passersby. Meanwhile, as a result, a dispute broke out over the question of who started it, and two or three Arabs were murdered in Meah Shearim. The violence quickly spread throughout Jerusalem and the number of dead rose to eight Jews and five Arabs that day.

Observations: Airbags for Helicopters
by A. Yechiel

RAFAEL, the IDF military equipment manufacturer, is developing a system of large airbags designed to protect helicopter passengers and crew members during collisions and crash landings or rough landings. Since the helicopter tragedy of 1997 in which 73 soldiers were killed, scientists, primarily aeronautical engineers, have been working hard to find a way to protect the lives of helicopter passengers in the event of a mishap.

Observations: Britain Inaugurates Gigantic Hothouse Garden
by N. Katzin

A hothouse garden encompassing all of the world's climatic regions has recently opened its doors to the public in Cornwall, England. Known as the Eden Project, thousands of visitors have flocked to this grandiose project since its opening.

Observations: The Skies are Not the Limit
by Y. Gil

The Los Angeles Arbitration Committee is being asked to handle the first legal case of its kind in the world, and the ruling to be handed down could be a legal precedent for countries around the globe, and may increase tax collections in various countries by hundreds of percentage points, for it seems Los Angeles is trying to tax the skies.

New English Yeshiva
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

In the ultra-religious neighborhood of Golders Green, number 281, London, England is a small yeshiva called Netzach Yisrael which has become a special haven for students who wish to devote and enlighten themselves with Torah learning and yiras Shomayim. The fact that they are detached from their home environment contributes to their ability to learn without distraction.

Rebbetzin Alta Faiga Teitelbaum, A'H
by Moshe Rockove

Rebbetzin Alta Feiga Teitelbaum a'h, the wife of HaRav Yoel Teitelbaum, the former Satmar Rav, was known throughout the Jewish community as a beacon of chesed and ahavas Yisroel. Throughout her 89 long and productive years, she touched thousands of people in her unique and intimate way.

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