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Warning on Tu BeShevat Fruit
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Rabbi Eliezer Tzvi T. sent us an urgent letter in advance of Tu BeShevat. "We will never forget Tu BeShevat 5760, and I would like to tell Yated Ne'eman why, in order to make it clear to the public how great the danger is.

by Bruchie Laufer

For most women, the smell of soup brings back memories of delicious meals they didn't have to cook. For Goldy, preparing soup brings her face to face with one of the darkest times in Jewish History.

Mama Katz's Annual Fruit Party
by Shira Shatzberg

SHIRA SHATZBERG made her debut last month as a budding, 13- year-old writer. Here she positively blossoms and bears fruit! She calls this a children's story but I think it is mature enough and universal enough for the whole FAMILY to enjoy. Delightful and insightful.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

The last thing I want to say about our lungs is the issue of trauma. As lungs are filled with air, they have their own response to trauma.

Letter to the Editor
by Yaffa Shepsel

I heartily sympathize with the thoughts expressed by L. Kohn on eating trends in this generation. I think that in a generation which is so conscious about speech, kashrus and mouth-related mitzvos, we need to refocus on other aspects that contribute equally to our spiritual well being.

Asperger's - a Behaviorial Disorder in Children
by A. Ross, M.A. in Speech, Education

A Viennese pediatrician, Hans Asperger, did research amongst children who were a little unusual. Perhaps the child was clumsy, or was a `loner'. Parents realized the child was unusual, but had no idea why. He identified a consistent pattern of behavior and ability which occurred mainly among boys. This was as long ago as 1944. He died in 1980, a few years before the condition called in his name, "Asperger's Syndrome," was recognized internationally.

Thomas and Friends
[getting into the Adar mood with] Rosally Saltsman

When I was in school in Montreal some decades ago, we had a lice scare. All of a sudden, schools were discovered to have unwanted visitors. How lice can survive in 30 below zero weather, I'll never know, but it is a generally held scientific belief that if we are to ever cholila experience a nuclear holocaust, the cockroaches and lice would survive to found a new world. Anyway, back in Montreal, I escaped the lice scare without a scratch.

Tu Bishvat Spicy Fruit Cake

by Chedva Sternfeld

Guaranteed to keep fresh for a long time -- also guaranteed to be eaten up quickly!


a children's tape by Naomi (Nesha Batya Brudner), Jerusalem
reviewed by Rosally Saltsman

The world of English tapes for religious children is relatively small. And in that world, some offer entertainment, some Mussar, some learning, very few all of the above. "Something Wonderful" is in the latter category and fully lives up to its name.

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