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Everyday Miracles
by C. L.

A Tehillim rally recently held in the Tamir Hotel was attended by hundreds of women. Aside from being inspired by the speeches delivered, we were deeply moved to be part of some fifty rounds of the complete Sefer Tehillim jointly said by the audience, rather, the participants -- for we did not only come to `hear' but to `be heard'. One of the messages presented was: Why start the good `habit' of Tehilim when the going is rough when you can be close to Hashem EVERY DAY, when thing are normal!

Book Review:
The Mashgiach -- R' Moshe Aharon Stern

by R' Y. M. Stern (Available in both English and Hebrew)
Reviewed by L.M.W.

A mashgiach in a prominent yeshiva once approached R' Moshe Aharon Stern zt'l, mashgiach of Yeshivas Kamenitz in Jerusalem, upon one of his frequent trips to America. He had a delicate problem; one of his talmidim was extremely introverted and would not relate to any of the students or to his rebbeim. A closed book. No one could reach him.

Letters, Eitzes, Feedback
Two True

A friend of mine was going through her nine-year-old son's schoolbag and happened to flip open one of his notebooks. To her dismay, she discovered a full page of "I won't talk during davening." Not willing to jump down his throat with an accusation, she mulled over how to confront him. Finally, she asked, "Don't you need a parent's signature on this, Duvid?"

What's Cooking?
Au Pear

by Chedva Sternfeld

Pears are in season now, not expensive, very healthful, and they make an excellent dessert. 100 gram pears contain only 42 calories, just like apples.

Poet's Corner

A poet without inspiration is like a caged sparrow
Awaiting its liberation.
He paces the room, frustrated,
Hoping that soon his masterpiece will be created.
But his mind is dry,
His soul is unable to fly.
And then, he is gripped by sudden pain,
It seems his efforts have been in vain.
Out creeps the doubt,
"Forget it, my friend, it's a drought.
Admit it! You've run out of ideas."
Time to face the worst of fears.
Down come pouring his salty tears.
His dreams of cheers,
Become self sneers.
"Oh, Master of inspiration, I beg You,
Open up Your treasure chest.
Help a poet on his quest.
A drop, a drizzle,
A strong stream of the powerful word..."
Now he is on his way to conquer all worlds.
The sparrow in the anguished soul is at long last
Free, spreading its wings, flying,
Reaching heights worth admiring.
His creation is perfect,
The painful struggle was worth it.
His eyelids closed, the poet dozed.
Soft, bright rays of sunshine stroked his face,
Awakening the fatigued poet to his endless race.

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