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Snags in Computerized System Linking Yeshivos To Religious Affairs Ministry

by Betzalel Kahn

High-ranking officials in the Religious Affairs Ministry have criticized the new computerized system linking Torah institution computers to the Yeshiva Department of the Ministry. Officials note that the program currently in use was planned by a novice.

During recent weeks, heads of Torah institutions have been complaining that the computer program which they were given by the Religious Affairs Ministry, developed by the Tim company, is causing numerous problems in data transfer. According to a decision of former Ministry Director General Avi Blustein, this computerized system was installed in all Torah institutions, which are then connected by modem to the Religious Affairs Ministry. This way, information about the yeshivos could be directly transferred to the Ministry.

The new system has still not been received by all yeshivos, while a number of yeshivos which have received the new program have not managed to put it into operation. Four versions of the program have already been issued over the past two months in which it has been in use.

High-ranking officials in the Ministry claim that the program was prepared by novices lacking knowledge of the needs of the Yeshiva Department and the administrations of the institutions. These officials claim that the program was distributed too quickly, before it was possible to determine whether it meet the demands of Ministry systems.

In addition, thee officials say that the agreement signed by the former director general with the computer company did not undergo the scrutiny of the Ministry's legal advisor.

In he meantime, the Religious Affairs Ministry has said that the 15th of the month is the final date for transfer of the enrollment information in an orderly manner, and many yeshivos have not yet managed to solve the problem. An institution which has not transferred the information by that date will not receive an allocation from the Ministry. Officials in the Religious Affairs Ministry said last week that the deadline might be extended. If this occurs, notice will be given.

Spokesman of the Religious Affairs Ministry, Shimon Malka, replied that Minister Yitzchok Cohen is making extensive efforts to improve the system and overcome its pitfalls. "The technicians will find a solution within a number of days," he said.

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