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Annual Appeal for the Association for the Prevention of Grave Desecration

by Betzalel Kahn

During these days of rachamim and selichos, activists of the Association for the Prevention of Grave Desecration have launched their annual appeal for the funds to strengthen of the Association's many activities, carried out day and night by dedicated teams of inspectors throughout the country.

The recent scourge of grave desecration by "men of science" who battle with all their might in order to uproot the pure belief in techiyas hameisim and the eternity of the soul, is one of the most serious the country has ever known. Every year, hundreds of thousands of graves of the ancients, kedoshei elyon, are exhumed and desecrated, their bones not treated with even the minimum of decency but rather strewn about in a shocking manner like dung on the field.

Opposite them stand a handful of activists who, with limited resources, do their utmost to prevent the destroyers from continuing their activities and desecrating the graves of the ancients. With siyata diShmaya, they have enjoyed some success.

Every day, they set out in cars all over the country in order to supervise and guard hundreds of excavation sites and other places in whose vicinity graves, coveted by archaeologists, are known to exist. All over the country, from north to south, east to west, at all hours of the day and the night, inspectors are on duty under the most difficult of circumstances, fearlessly preventing desecration. No time can be considered an "off" time since the grave desecraters have in the past used such times -- like erev yom tov -- to execute large projects, hoping that the grave watchers are not looking.

The Association for the Prevention of Grave Desecration notes that without a doubt, it would be possible to send more people to inspect and guard sites and increase the association's vital activities if they had more financial resources. Many more graves of tzaddikim elyonim could surely be saved.

Maranan verabonon,,the gedolei Yisroel with whom members of the Association are in constant touch, have issued the following appeal, asking that the public, "which understands the importance of this issue and the heavy responsibility resting on the shoulders of the Association participate in this effort. . . ."

They added, "We must strengthen them and tell the members of this Association: continue in your important, sacred work without fear, so that our illustrious forbears will rest in peace. This must be done for the sake of the respect of the living and the dead."

Donations may be forwarded to the booths and collectors who are spread around in religious neighborhoods and mikvo'os. They may also be sent to: P.O.B. 50572, Jerusalem; or deposited in Bank Poalei Agudas Yisroel, branch 183, Account Number: 409-660310.

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