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Technion Professor: "The Dossim Should Be Thrown into the Sea"

by Betzalel Kahn

The Manof Jewish Information Center demanded that Attorney General Eliakim Rubinstein bring Professor Uzi Arnon to justice. Arnon made vicious, inciting remarks against the chareidi community. The complaint refers to remarks which he made during a program on the Israel Radio's First Channel to the effect that: "All of those dossim should be thrown into the sea."

The term "dossim" is a slang term that refers to Ashkenazi chareidim specifically and has come to refer to all chareidim in general.

The complaint sent by Manof's lawyer, Amran Kabiri, notes that this is not the first time that Professor Arnon has made provocative remarks against chareidim. In the past, he issued a call to "string up the chareidim on lampposts."

Manof demands that the Attorney General not play favorites as in the past. As is recalled, someone who once urged using violence against Yossi Sarid was arrested, investigated and brought to justice in a criminal court.

In the appeal, the danger imbedded in the Prosecution's tendency towards bias in its attitude toward the chareidi minority -- something which has lead to a lack of confidence in the legal authorities -- was stressed.

"Due to the ineptitude of the Prosecution and Arnon's remarks, some people are liable to simply behave violently toward the chareidim, cholila. The man must be arrested and brought to justice immediately. He is a very real threat to the public," Manof claims in its letter to the Attorney General.

As is recalled, Manof issued a report last month proving that provocative remarks against the chareidi community result in the perpetration of violent acts against it.

Manof notes that in the past, the Prosecution also did not sue journalist Yonatan Gefen, who called for an intifadah against the chareidi minority, nor did it sue businessman Stef Wertheimer, who spurred, "rioting against the chareidim."

Attorney Kabiri said that if the State Prosecutor once more fails to take the obvious measures, "We will have no choice but to turn to the Supreme Court with the demand that it obligate the Prosecution to accord the chareidi minority the same protection granted every other sector in the state."

A copy of the petition was sent to the head of the Police Investigations Department, Commander Yossi Sadbon. Manof also turned to the directors of the First Channel with the demand that they not grant a public forum to a person with such biased, extreme, racist views. Concurrently, it also appealed to the Technion in Haifa, asking it to dismiss Arnon from his academic position. "He does not deserve his degree and position, and surely not to be a teacher of young students," Manof said in its letter.

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