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"Make Sholom and Avoid Machlokes and Fighting"

by Yated Ne'eman Staff

At the rally in Bnei Brak last week, Rabbi Yitzchok Koledetzky read a message from HaRav Aharon Leib Steinman, that HaRav Steinman requested be publicized as widely as possible, since he believes that it is the key to all the troubles that are afflicting us.

"We must emphasize and strengthen our efforts to make sholom and to try with all our powers to prevent machlokes and fights. In every case that there are two sides, if each side insists on its position and is not ready to compromise, it lights a great fire of machlokes and creates and awesome and terrible chilul Hashem, Hashem yishmerenu, and this causes all of the troubles Rachmono litzlan.

"In his Shemiras Haloshon (chapter 15) the Chofetz Chaim says: `If there is machlokes in a house, it will eventually be destroyed. If there is machlokes in a beis knesses, it will eventually disband, and even more, it will be desolate. If there is machlokes in a city, there will be bloodshed in that city. Know that it is true; as long as there is peace in the earthly family, there is peace in the Heavenly family."

"In Chapter 2, the Chofetz Chaim wrote, `When one speaks loshon hora, it arouses a ruach ro'oh temei'oh that is named "Sichsucha." This goes up and causes, through the loshon hora, death, sword and killing in the world, Rachmono litzlan.'

"One has to learn from the traits of Aharon Hakohen a"h, to love peace and to pursue peace. He used to forfeit his dignity and even to lower himself in order to make peace among people. We find similarly in the Torah, that even the Holy Name that is written in holiness and purity is erased and blotted out in the water in order to make peace between a man and his wife, so how much more must we work on our character traits and defer to each other in order to prevent machlokes and fights and to maximize peace in Yisroel. In this merit may no more catastrophe he heard of in our camp."

HaRav Steinman believes that these insights are truly important and crucial to our situation, and he specifically asked us to be sure to publish them.

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