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Directed Love
A True Story

by Menucha Strauss, Safed

It was my day to care for Mama, and I was already late. As I rushed through the park, it seemed as if all the flowers, the azaleas, roses, and lilacs, had burst open to the early spring sun. But it was the yellow roses and the memory of my mother's smile that did it. I walked back the two blocks to the flower vendor, hoping that Mama's face would light up for me the way it had so long ago, whenever my father bought her roses...

Of Mice and (Wo)Men
by Debbie Shapiro

Several years ago, our neighborhood was attacked by a plague of mice. They were everywhere. We saw them in the cupboards, under the buildings, scurrying from place to place. Every morning I would find that the mice had made a sandbox on my kitchen floor.


by Rabbi Shlomo Kory

In today's Western world, pleasure is certainly a primary value. Where does this fit into your scale of values as a Jew? In your particular neighborhood and society? Economy is another. Once you think about something as basic as that, you are capable of downplaying it, or giving it the proper place on your scale of values.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

I'd like to start a series on recognizing the greatness of the Creator by understanding the little that we do know on how the body works.

Poet's Corner
Easier to Love

by Talia Applebaum

Some children are easier to love,
They're adorable and sweet, say the darndest things,
They pull at your heart strings.
Even those with that mischievous glint in their eye
Can conquer your heart with their energetic personality
And winning smile. Most of the while.
Despite their naughty antics, your love flows forth.

Then there are those who are difficult to love,
Their appearance doesn't grab you,
They are no longer cute and cuddily,
And they ask stupid questions all the time.
They lack personality -- or -- it gets on your nerves,
Or they are downright difficult and obnoxious.
Dealing with them requires figure-eight curves.
[I thought it. I wrote it. I didn't say it...]

All children need and want love,
The lovables and the so-called unlovables,
The less-lovables.
Do they expose your dry stoney heart?
Can you squeeze out some life-sustaining love
For these thirsty ones?
Only with this love can they blossom and bloom,
Into the beautiful, lovable people you want them to be,
And they can be... But give them room.
Love, withheld, robs them of a birthright,
And stunts them, further.
What to do?
Beg for a heart of flesh.
Every single day.

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