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Observers in Bnei Brak to Supervise Elections Caused Disturbances

by A. Cohen

The significant increase in the number of Bnei Brak voters for chareidi parties in the recent elections, as compared with the previous election, unequivocally indicates that all claims of fictitious voting which supposedly occurred in past elections were groundless, according to Rabbi Avrohom Tannebaum. Rabbi Tannebaum is secretary and spokesman of Bnei Brak's Municipality as well as director of the Bnei Brak bloc in the Dan-North regional elections committee.

Prior to the elections, the Leftist parties announced that they would send many officials and observers to chareidi neighborhoods such as Bnei Brak to guarantee that the elections are run honestly. There are always widespread reports of dishonest voting in chareidi neighborhoods, and many believe that the high turnout in these places results from illegal activities rather than real voting.

Rabbi Tannebaum stressed that the dispatching of thousands of observers from other cities to Bnei Brak on election day to oversee the "integrity" of the elections and to prevent illegal voting caused needless agitation in the city. At the end of election day, the results of the voting proved beyond a doubt that this measure was unjustified.

The number of votes UTJ received in these elections rose from 26,025 to 29,062. The number of votes Shas received also rose sharply. During the previous elections Shas received 9,227 votes; this time 13,655. "If there were falsifications in the former elections, when thousands of outside observers didn't come to Bnei Brak, how did the rate of voting for the chareidi parties rise so sharply precisely in these elections, when there was such tight supervision by outside observers?" the spokesman wondered.

The spokesman also noted that due to the hostile attitude of a large number of observers and members of the polls committees, some of whom caused lengthy delays in many polls and purposely held identity cards for long times, elderly people and women with infants in their hands were forced to wait at the polls for hours. The crowding of the activists from other cities around the polls also caused superfluous tension.

Despite all this, Tannebaum stated, in a small number of the polls working relations were amicable and friendly discussions developed between the city's representatives and those from the kibbutzim and other cities. "It's time that all those who created panic over massive forgeries, the distrust and the terrorizing, understand that they either erred or caused others to err. They must call a halt to this unacceptable approach."

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