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5 Teves, 5779 - December 13, 2018 | Mordecai Plaut, director | Vayigash-5779 Published Weekly

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At The Center of the Universe
At The Center of the Universe
by Mordechai Plaut

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HaRav Chaim Kanievsky on Raising Special Children

Dozens of special children and hundreds of members of their families attended an outstanding event this past motzei Shabbos Chanukah in the Nof Illit hall, organized by the "Nosnim" association for special children and their families.



Project Chavrusa Named after HaRav Shteinman

"The Shuvu network was very dear to my father's heart, and I was always amazed by the warmth and love he showed towards this organization. I think this can be explained by what we read in the Torah several weeks ago: `For I knew him to command his children after him...' The Torah reveals to us that this is a prime precept. There were converts before Jews became a nation but Avrohom Ovinu was the first to transmit his beliefs to his children. 'This is what is happening in the Shuvu network - and this is what my father saw - that the sons are so commanded to continue along the path. There is a carry-over, for we see graduates of the Shuvu schools who are now Torah-observant and yirei Hashem. Undoubtedly, this was a source of tremendous nachas to my father in seeing the growth and flourishing success of Shuvu. May his merit stand us by in the future as well."


Machlokes in Israel and its Influence on Chutz la'Aretz

Even in times of intense struggle, it is necessary to protect the borders. At the time that HaRav Shach was using a mode of struggle, he was extremely careful not to involve Agudath Israel in America and Europe. HaRav Shlomo Lorenz testified in his book that even during the battle against Poalei Agudath Israel and its disloyalty to gedolei Yisroel, our Torah leaders and askonim from the Diaspora were asked by some to get involved, but HaRav Shach prevented this with all his might, lest this harm the unity of Torah Jewry abroad. It was the same in 5749 (1989) here in Eretz Yisroel when Degel HaTorah withdrew from Agudath Israel and ran separately, his trusted devotees from Aguda in America and Europe sought to help in strengthening his position. But even during this very trying time, HaRav Shach stood vigil at every stage not to let the issues glide outside of Eretz Yisroel.



Rain and Kinneret Watch

by Dei'ah Vedibur Staff

Our weekly report of the rain and the level of the Kineret - Winter, 5779.

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From Our Archives

The Day the Lion's Roar Terrified the Land

By B. Levy

Part I

A Degel HaTorah rally took place one decade ago last Pesach at the Yad Eliyahu Auditorium in Tel Aviv. The climax of the event was the speech of Maran HaRav Eliezer Menachem Shach shlita. This was a historic speech, which reached the eyes and ears of millions. Both in Eretz Yisroel and abroad it was given top coverage by the written and electronic media, putting Degel HaTorah in the public eye for several days. In those days, Degel HaTorah was an independent political party with its own policies determined by its Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah. It had two representatives in the Knesset.

Your Questions - Some Answers

by Masha Wolf

Our child therapist, Masha Wolf, M.A., has been appearing in our section for the past half year, during the course of which people have directed their questions to her. Her answers should provide basic, practical, concrete help to any young mother.


Av, 5765 - Kislev 5766 (August-December 2005)

May-July, 2005