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Sheindy's Gan
by Ayala

In the area where Mrs. Nechovitch lives, there are five kindergartens. All are popular, all are respectable, but one gan overrides them all: "Sheindy's Gan."

by Fruma Grossman

Coming on aliyah really stretched my imagination as to how I could live without a car. Yet a quick and simple calculation was enough to indicate that owning a car here meant working one day a week, just for that! No way!

by Sara Glaser

"I took stock of my life, and my goals for the future. Were my priorities and activities leading me closer to Him? Was I accomplishing enough? I made an alphabetized list, from A through Z, writing down everything for which I was grateful to Hashem. I read them regularly. I still do . . . "

Keeping Grandmothers Who Live Nearby Happy:
Seven Simple Steps

by Tzvia Ehrlich-Klein

Getting a handle on the New Year

Don't Interfere
by A. Ross, M.Ed

As soon as one of our 'chicks' are upset about anything at all, our maternal instincts prompt us to rise and wage war on their behalf. The age of the child is immaterial: if my fourteen-year-old girl is weeping copious tears and refuses to eat because Shuli has been teasing her for weeks and all the other girls are making fun of her as well, I have to put things right immediately, if not sooner!

Four Ways to Prevent Dementia!
by Dr. Reuven Bruner, Ph.D.

Dementia is a progressive decline in mental ability, affecting memory, thinking, judgment, attention span and learning. Although dementia usually develops after the age of 60, due mainly to Alzheimer's disease, it is not a natural part of aging. To slow down the progression of dementia, try the following lifestyle changes:

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

I have spoken about this subject before but the definitive document just came out, and I would like to highlight the salient points. Another reason to present this information is the proliferation of physicians in Israel that bemoan this practice. What practice? Nursing our children.


The Wall
by Sara Gutfreund

She stood before the wall
And wondered how to get through
If only she could find a way!

She tried to climb it, but it was too high
She tried to break through it, but it was too strong
Then she tried to crawl underneath it, but there was no room
Finally she sat down in despair and looked up at the wall

There was no way that she would ever see the other side
There was too much in her way
It was time to give up

She remained in that spot next to the wall
And set up her life beside it
One day an elderly woman approached her

What are you doing? she asked
I'm living beside the wall
Why don't you go through to the other side?
Because I tried and I tried
And I couldn't find a way to get through

The elderly woman begin to shake her head in wonder
That's because you're standing in the same place
If you would have just walked a little further
You would have seen that there's a door
All you have to do is knock
And He will let you in

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