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New Matzoh Bakery in Melbourne, Australia

by Yumi Rosenbaum

After several decades of using various makeshift matzoh bakeries for Erev Pesach matzos (matzos mitzvah) every year, the Adass Yisroel Kehillah in Melbourne decided to construct a purpose-built matzoh bakery. With the encouragement and participation of the moro de'asra HaRav A.Z. Beck, funds were raised by the Kehilla's long-standing Rosh Hakohol R' Binyomin Koppel. Architects were commissioned, plans were drawn, and the construction of the new matzoh bakery is well underway. The new facility was partially ready to use this year.

The matzoh bakery is being constructed at the rear of the Adass Yisroel Shule Complex, which already houses a beis knesses, two botei midroshim, several smaller rooms for shiurim and minyanim, a modern men's mikveh, and a large function hall and kitchen, as well as offices for the Rov shlita, the Kehillah and the Vaad HaKashrus.

For several decades, the baalei battim, yungerleit, and bochurim of the Kehillah spent Erev Pesach afternoon baking fresh Seder Matzos. Over the years the matzoh baking had been held in many different venues, including private homes and factory courtyards. For two decades, an oven on the grounds of the Lubavitch Mosdos was used, with a large temporary marquee erected for the Erev Pesach baking sessions, under the guidance of R' Yosef Chaim Holzer.

The new bakery features a fully ceramic oven. The floor was poured as one ceramic piece without any joins (rather than tiles). This is a significant hiddur in that there are no grooves or cracks. This is a new development in matzoh oven design, based on technology used in other firewood ovens.

Until now, each family received just six Erev Pesach Matzos for the two sedorim. For the remainder of Pesach, container loads of imported hand matzos were shipped in every year from various matzoh bakeries in New York and Eretz Yisroel. (The Pupa-Tzelem Matzos have been the most popular here over the past few years.)

For this year, the imported Matzos are once again here. However, it is anticipated that in coming years the new matzoh bakery will be used not only on Erev Pesach but also for several weeks prior, to enable hand-matzoh production.


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