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HaRav Binyomin Moskovits in London
by Yoram Stone

HaRav Binyomin Moskovits, rosh yeshiva of Midrash Shmuel, and the yeshiva's administrator, Rabbi Yosef Solomon, recently conducted a successful trip to London. They were grateful for the opportunity to meet with community rabbonim, high school rabbeim and other key figures from various learning institutions.

Rabbi Solomon heard from the rabbonim of a number of shuls of the impact made through the shiurim delivered by the Yeshiva's talmidim over Succos, as well as during previous bein hazmanim. The rabbonim asked to be kept informed about the Yeshiva's progress and discussions were held with one rabbi regarding developing learning programs at Midrash Shmuel involving members of his kehilla.

Rabbi Solomon met with Rabbi Kirsch of the JLE (Jewish Learning Exchange), who spoke highly of Midrash Shmuel and especially its rosh yeshiva.

At JFS, Rabbi Solomon heard from the head of Jewish studies, Rabbi Kampf, of the significance of Jewish studies in the school's curriculum and the phenomenal success of their Gateshead Shabbaton program.

HaRav Moskovits davened kabolas Shabbos at Aish HaTorah. Rav Mayerfeld, one of the organizations dedicated rabbonim, described Aish Hatorah's outreach program and the commitment the organization believes everyone should have towards their fellow Jew.

A reunion was held for the participants of the recent summer learning program for Hasmonean pupils at Midrash Shmuel. The reunion took place at the home of the program's organizer, Rabbi Sebbag. Rav Moskovits later commented on how encouraged he was by Rav Sebbag's willingness to get involved in ensuring the spread and growth of Torah amongst the youth. Rav Moskovits found Rav Sebbag's approach encouraging and invigorating.

On motzei Shabbos another reunion took place, this time for the Yeshiva's alumni, at the home of Mr. Dov Phillips. The evening gave former talmidim the opportunity to further strengthen their relationship with the Rosh Yeshiva.

HaRav Moskovits and Rabbi Solomon left London feeling they had gained a unique insight into the experiences and views of those who dedicate their life to the spiritual needs of the community.


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