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Gan Montessori
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

The Gan Montessori places emphasis on teaching Torah and academic skills in a very unique manner, using the Montessori method. Dr. Montessori developed this method in Italy in 1916. She became the first woman in Italy to receive a degree as Doctor of Medicine.

Dr. Montessori believed that education begins at birth and that the first few years of life, being the most formative, are the most important, both physically and mentally. Even the smallest baby must be exposed to people and sounds, and cuddled and talked to if s/he is to develop into a normal happy child.

In Gan Montessori, a little girl is able to spend her first few years of `formal schooling' developing, with specific games and hands-on material, the five senses, fine motor coordination, and such character traits as patience, concentration and other coordination skills. Additionally, the Montessori influence is found in other more concrete aspects of daily life. For example, the girls are taught that there is an order to everything -- where to hang your coat and lunch box in the morning, how to set a table, how to clear and wash a table, how to use the bathroom, how to carry a chair, how to carry scissors, even how to polish shoes and silver!

The basic belief behind the gan is that a child is capable of tremendous things if properly shown how and given the chance to do them. This, in turn, greatly develops and increases the child's self esteem.

Gan Torani Montessori for Girls has been in Har Nof for twelve years and the students come not only from Har Nof but from Bayit Vegan, Ramot, Kiryat Moshe, Ramat Eshkol and many other neighborhoods.

Its Beis Yaakov teachers are especially trained. They are warm, intelligent, living examples of Torah middos and are models of sincerity. The devotion and skill with which they treat the girls is a joy to watch.

For further information, call Glenda Kantor 02-994-7044.


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