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No Copyright on Geula
by Margalit Cohen

Dear Readers,

I hereby declare that game manufacturers, camp counselors and quiz coordinators are free to use this material as they see fit. There's no copyright on Geula!

Man or Machine?
a story by Shira Shatzberg

Part I

What I vividly remember Mama proclaiming at every opportunity throughout my childhood was, "You'll be a man someday, my son. A real mensch..."

Best Foot Forward

by S. W.

Mrs. Cohen, yes, that's her name, comes regularly to our Beged Yad LeYad bi- weekly bazaar sales to shop for her extended family of kollelniks and their many children. Petite in build, she is always on the lookout for adult- style size 5 shoes.

Gan Montessori
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

The Gan Montessori places emphasis on teaching Torah and academic skills in a very unique manner, using the Montessori method. Dr. Montessori developed this method in Italy in 1916. She became the first woman in Italy to receive a degree as Doctor of Medicine.

Practice Makes Perfect
by Bayla Gimmel

Modern life is getting more and more complicated. Have you noticed how many choices we are called upon to make each day?

The Olfactory System
by A. Ross, M.Ed.

Of the five senses, the sense of smell is the least appreciated. When a child is born, we test for sight and hearing. At first, it is just to ascertain that these senses function. Sensory integration, which means the correct functioning of the senses, is not noticed till later. There have been articles in this paper about sensory integrative dysfunction with regard to sight, hearing and touch.

Crying Tears
by Tzvia Ehrlich-Klein

"Be comforted, be comforted, My people..."

Often I cry to Hashem. How would I feel if I thought He just ignored me?

CLASS-ified Information

by M. C. Millman
reviewed by Yonina Hall

Sunny, funny and eager to please -- that's Tziporah, the new girl at Bas Melech Pnimah Academy in Spring Falls, New Jersey. Back at her Cleveland Bais Yaakov, she was the most popular girl in class, so she has every intention of slipping right into her familiar role after her family moves to a new city.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

We continue with our discussion of pain. We were discussing NSAIDs, which are a family of pain relievers that include ibuprofen and naproxen, both of which are available without prescription in low doses.


Chai Taib #1
by Tzipora Zien

When we've ended the fast and the temperatures rise,
We're reminded of past cool Har Nof-ian skies.
Our spirits revive for the time has arrived
To trade with our friends from the house on Chai Taib.

Never mind all their plans, or from whence they converge,
As the siblings from under their luggage emerge
Though our numbers did rise since our latest reprise,
We gathered the clan in the house on Chai Taib.

Soon the bedrooms were bartered, the towels passed out,
And the kids took their bags as the family spread out.
There was no time for squabbles, just great compromise,
For Shabbos arrived at the house on Chai Taib.

"Where are we going?" "It's Sunday, today!"
Don't plan till they've wakened and gone off to pray!
I've shaken the beds and clapped hands till I cried,
Arousing the tribe in the house on Chai Taib.

Who's eaten breakfast? Where'd they all go?
I've davened and washed up with grandkids in tow!
Believe me, I tried to keep tots occupied!
The art of the bribe was well honed on Chai Taib!

But where are the boys? Let's go take a look!
Each one has run off with his nose in a book.
We might as well join them. Let's all stay inside,
For the bookshelf's the pride of the house on Chai Taib.

A stroll in the wood was convenient and quick!
The buggy got stuck, for the thistles were thick.
We forged up the hill and scaled the incline
To return duly fried from the sun on Chai Taib.

While back at the ranch, the grandchildren reigned,
With complete curiosity, bold and untamed.
They stalked every corner,; found many a prize
Kept us on our toes in the house on Chai Taib.

A rush to the Tamir where wedding crowds swell,
As prompt 'fore the sunset the nuptials were held.
The Goldbergs were joyous and Goldshmidts likewise,
Though they missed having friends from the house on Chai Taib.

A trip to the Kosel, a must for today!
The boys went to skate, a lively foray.
While watering plants, one escaped our surmise
And the poor parsley died in the house on Chai Taib.

Now we're back in the heat, the humidity's cruel!
And we can't fully fathom that once it was cool.
We're so grateful to you for suggesting a trade.
As the greatest vacations from such things are made.

How could we consider another venue
After swapping eventful vacations with you.
Another address simply NEVER would do!
(Although next year might find us, through thick and through thin,
Happily settling in 33 Admorim Ruzhin!)
[Note: It's Rechov Chai Taib on one side and Admorim Ruzhin on the other!]


On the Edge of the Ocean

by Sara Gutfreund

On the edge of the ocean
Water melts into sky
On the edge of the ocean
The dreamer makes footprints in the sand
On the edge of the ocean
The setting sun turns the waves into flames
The thunderous roar of the horizon rises and falls
And the salt climbs into the arch of the wind.

On the edge of the ocean
The hugeness of You surrounds me
I fill my arms with water
And pull its depth into the land.

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