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Search for Two Missing; Efforts to Prevent Kidnappings
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Police on Monday were searching in the Galil for a 19-year- old yeshiva student from the U.S., who is feared missing. Investigators have not ruled out other possibilities, but a vast search effort is underway. Police, meanwhile, are bolstering forces at junctions nationwide due to additional threats of kidnappings.

Police have mapped all the intersections in the Galil and are putting extra forces at those deemed problematic.

On Sunday, the student and a group of friends traveled to Meron from their Jerusalem yeshiva to visit the tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. The friends went off hiking in the area and left their friend by himself at the tomb. When they returned a short time later, he was missing.

The friends searched the area themselves for a few hours and then contacted the police. Around 100 police officers and volunteers, mostly yeshiva students, are looking for the missing yeshiva bochur. His family in the US has been informed.

Hundreds of police and volunteers were also searching for Donna Bennet of Tiveria who has been missing since last week. Her relatives says that she is a shomeres mitzvos and very responsible and does not do things without informing her family. She went missing in the early hours of Friday morning after completing a waitress shift at a restaurant in Tiveria.

Police say that they have no real information about what is behind the incidents. Concerns are high because of the recent murder of Oleg Shaichat, a soldier from Upper Nazareth, in the same area. There was also an attempted abduction of another soldier near Yokne'am last Thursday. The soldier had come from his base on the Golan Heights by bus and was waiting at a junction for his brother to pick him up, when a car pulled up. Two passengers tried to force him inside after he refused the offer of a lift.

He resisted their efforts and managed to put a magazine into his rifle, cock it, and aim the weapon at his would-be kidnappers, who sped away. The report of the soldier was, apparently, not taken seriously by the army at the time, but now it is.


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