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Jerusalem Launches Campaign for Chareidi Tourism
by Betzalel Kahn

Jerusalem Mayor Rabbi Uri Lupoliansky launched a tourism campaign last week aimed at the chareidi sector with the cooperation of the City of Jerusalem, the Jerusalem Hotel Association and the Ministry of Tourism.

During the campaign, guests at glatt kosher hotels will be able to take advantage of innumerable restaurants and attractions appropriate for family vacations along with a 50 percent discount on admission to fascinating sites, including a range of activities for children.

Mayor Lupoliansky said the city's sites need no introduction to the chareidi sector which visits Jerusalem often, stressing that the campaign is intended to encourage the chareidi public to come to the city and take advantage of its holy sites and vacation opportunities.

Yehonaton Harpaz, director of the Jerusalem Hotel Association, said although the number of overnight stays in hotels remains far below pre-intifada levels, there has been an noticeable upswing in recent months. In June, for example, there were 65,000 overnight stays compared to only 41,500 in June of last year and a similar figure two years ago. Many of the stays, he noted, are at glatt hotels. "Jerusalem has a central place in the chareidi sector's vacation habits," said Harpaz, attributing this in part to the chareidi public's strong faith in the Jerusalem Rabbinate's standards of kashrus.

The City of Jerusalem's Department for Torah Culture, headed by Rabbi Gavriel Stauber, has invested considerable efforts in providing vacationing chareidi families as many opportunities in keeping with the stringent mitzvah observers' expectations of modesty and propriety. This is the second year the department has made special arrangements to draw chareidi tourists, including activities and tours at various hotels in keeping with halocho.

A new brochure is now available offering a large mass of concentrated information for the chareidi tourist, including details on a large range of accommodation options.

Stauber says the chareidi consumer bases the selection of vacation destinations on low prices and the range of activities available for children. This year Jerusalem is offering an inexpensive, subsidized tourism package that includes a large selection of free activities at the hotels and a 50 percent discount at various sites using a special coupon booklet. "These factors significantly reduce the cost of a vacation package for a chareidi family, making it very worthwhile and full of surprises," says Stauber.

He also thanked all those who assisted in making the wide- scale campaign possible, including Mayor Lupoliansky, Torah Culture Commissioner Rabbi Avrohom Finer, Culture Department Director Oded Feldman and the various hotels.


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