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It is Not Just Politics

Eighteen months ago as soon as the exit polls predicted the sizable victory of Ehud Barak and the Left, thousands and thousands of people streamed to Rabin Square in Tel Aviv to celebrate. Speakers and entertainers came. The show lasted for hours, climaxed by the appearance of Ehud Barak who proclaimed, "A new dawn has broken." He was greeted with persistent chants of: "Anyone but Shas."

Ensuring An Honest Judgment:
A Shmuess For Parshas Mishpotim

By HaRav Sholom Schwadron zt'l

Justice for the Wicked

The Torah writes, (Shemos 23:6), "Don't pervert the judgment of your pauper in his quarrel," on which the Mechilta comments, "Your pauper," means a pauper in mitzvos. Don't say, `Since he is an evildoer, I will pervert his judgment' . . . "

The Struggle for Shmittah Observance This Year:
Jewish Produce, the Heter Mechirah, Sefichim and Geuloh

By HaRav Yosef Yekusiel Efrati

Part II

The first part of this article discussed the fact that the origin of the heter mechira was closely followed and applauded (and at least to some extent encouraged) by the maskilim of the late nineteenth century, who wanted to ensure that shmittah would not be observed.

The Liberating Servitude
by Yochonon Dovid

The small auditorium of the Beis Haknesses was already filled with people waiting for the lecture to begin. The subject publicized in the announcements was: The Liberating Servitude. The apparent contradiction in terms whetted people's curiosity and they were discussing the title among themselves.

by E. Rauchenberg

Ideology and Portfoliology

The unity government in the making will be based on concessions by the two leading parties. The Labor Party, it appears, has given up its ideology, while the Likud will give up portfolios in order to bring in the Labor Party and establish its power.

Above the Wings of Eagles
by R' D. Kaufman

Sometimes things don't make it to the headlines in the media, especially when they take place in someone's imagination, even if they are of general interest. Here is a case in point.

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