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Of Straying Lambs, Yearning for the Shepherd, Of Lost Souls, Of the Open Secret of Jewish Survival
by Anna Rephun Fruchter

Early in 1935, Dr. Johanna Maas called upon Mutti and told her that several women with no religious background had approached her with the wish to learn what it meant to be a Jew. Dr. Maas wanted to start a Chumash class and told Mutti that her name had been suggested by the Chinuch Librarian to be both a member of the class and a consultant.

Privacy Versus Supervision: A Balance
by M. Steinberg

There was a horror story in the news the other week. It was a tale of a young boy of sixteen who befriended a stranger on the Internet and was led to his death in Ramallah.

How to Help a Child with Asperger's Syndrome

by A. Ross, M.A. in Speech, Education

Parents say that their child is not a normal child; he does not play like other children nor react like them. They say that he seems to be a miniature adult. Eventually, when he is finally an adult, they come to terms with his personality as it is. They provide support and affection, compensate for his difficulties and camouflage his pecularities.

This is a satire.

by P. Chovav

One of a housewife's favorite hobbies is to conceal squash in the food of even the most die-hard, stubborn enemies of squash. That's the way it is...


The fascinating quirks of Hashgocha Protis.

by R' Shlomo Kory

We are the people of the word; our power lies in speech. We try to be careful with what our mouths emit. Our historical secret success lies in our verbal commitment of "We will do" which preceded our "We will hear." Communication should have top priority. Modal Operators

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Doctors and patients do not speak the same language. I remember in my pre-medicine days hearing many terms that people used and not knowing what diseases they referred to. It took me some time but I think I have discovered the meaning of many of them.

Poet's Corner

Of Sounds

by Ruth Lewis [Anna Mata Poeia]

Thank You for a world of sounds.
Liquid sounds --
pitcher's pouring, jugs' glug-glugging,
drip-drop-drip of spouts'
trickle, trinkle, squirting, spurting,
spattering spray of sprinkles,
pitter-pat of rain on my umbrella,
drizzle on tin roof, canvas tent,
fountains' gentle splashing,
ponds' ripple, brooks' melodious murmur,
streams' swift-rushing song,
tide's soothing surge and swell,
calm slap-lap of wavelets,
clash-crash of mighty waves,
waterfalls' smashing to rocks below...

Blowing sounds --
soft puff of infants' breathing,
flutter-flap of fresh laundry on the line,
rustle of spring leaves stirring,
windmill's whirring,
scratching of dry leaves in fall.
Windsong whooshing, wailing, flailing
whining, pining, blustery, gusting,
groaning, moaning through autumn branches.
Howling, yowling of winter fury,
tempest's tumult, raging blizzard, squall...
Fire sounds --
Flames' flicker, sputter,
fire's crackle,
snap of twigs...

Distant thunder's mumble-grumble,
Near thunder's rumble, booming through my heart.
Echoing hilltops.
Rat-a-tat of hail on windowpane.
Muted fall of sparkling snow.

Birdsong --
dawn's awakening,
chirps and cheeps, twitters, shrieks.
Silvery trills, shrill warbles.
Lark and whippoorwill,
robin, nightingale...

Sounds of animals --
crickets' chorus, scampering squirrels,
bleating, braying, buzzing, neighing,
cawing, crowing, galloping, lowing,
peeping, purring, yapping, yelping, bellowing,
squawking, hooting, clucking
cackling, quacking, growling, roaring...

Key in latch, crunch of boots on ice,
paper crumpling, money's jingle-jangle,
squeaks and creaks,
ringing, glinging,
banging, clanging,
clicking, ticking.
Choo-choo chugging
clickety-clack of train on track.
Traffic racket, jets' zoom, varooom,
Fireworks and rockets' soaring roar...

People sounds --
quiet conversation, scrape of chairs,
tinkle of glasses chinking-clinking.
Sounds of celebration, corks popping,
fizzy fizzling of champaigne.
Sounds of laughter, weeping, singing, humming, praying.
Crowds' clamor, din of marketplaces, hawking vendors.
Heartbeat's thump and thud.
Babies' gurgling, cooing, babbling.
Little girls' giggles, chanting at jumprope,
swish of starchy pinafores.
Little boys' boisterous shouts and stomps,
whoops and hollers...

Work sounds --
peaceful clatter of kitchen crockery,
whisk of sweeping broom.
Hacking, hoeing,
digging, plowing,
threshing, pounding,
sawing, drilling, hammering.

Sound of skates on pavement,
shoes on pebbly roads,
shuffle of slippers over carpets...

Food sounds --
Munch of apple, crunch of toast,
steak's sizzle, bubbling stew,
popcorn popping.

Voices --
rough, gruff, gravelly,
reedy, raspy, leathery,
smooth, sweet, mellow,
smokey, silky,
children's piping tones'
old men's quavering,
whispers, mutters.
Sounds of love and sympathy.
Sounds of words in poetry...

Sounds of dance and music, sad or merry,
Whistles, sirens, rattles, bells, windchimes.
Drums and cymbals, flutes, and strings, and trumpets.
In orchestra or marching band or hushed and tender lullaby...

Thank You for a world of sounds.

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