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Nachlas Shraga Project in Elad Receives Blessings of Gedolei Yisroel
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Maranan verabonon, the gedolei Yisroel have issued a special memorandum requesting community support for the new Nachlas Shraga project in the city of Elad.

In their letter, maranan verabonon stress the uniqueness of this new project, built al taharas hakodesh especially for bnei Torah, yerei'im ushleimim. The project is named after HaRav Tzvi Shraga Grossbard, zt"l illustrious leader and spearhead of Torah chinuch in Eretz Hakodesh, who regarded it as a sacred duty to establish chareidi communities and neighborhoods for bnei Torah throughout the country.

Elad is preferred by many bnei Torah because of its location and attractive environment. However, apartment prices have risen lately. As a result, a group of askonim with the blessings of the gedolei Yisroel undertook to find a way to lower apartment prices. With the encouragement of the moro de'asra HaRav Shlomo Zalman Grossman and the guidance of Deputy Mayor Rabbi Yaakov Asher, the group has indeed managed to lower prices considerably.

The reduced prices of apartments in Nachlas Shraga do not come at the expense of quality construction. The neighborhood will be built by the Cement-kal company, which has considerable experience with building projects throughout the country. The neighborhood will be situated opposite the Yotzei Slobodke compound and near the Avnei Nezer neighborhood headed by HaRav Yosef Binyomin Wosner in advanced stages of building.

Nachlas Shraga is intended for avreichim meticulous in mitzvah observance. In order to preserve the character of the neighborhood, the gedolei Yisroel have instructed the rabbinical committee responsible for acceptance of residents to the community to be strict in their criteria.

HaRav Dovid Yitzchok Grossbard, rosh Kollel HaRan in Elad and Deputy Mayor Rabbi Yaakov Asher recently visited the gedolei Yisroel along with the project directors. They were warmly welcomed by the gedolei Yisroel who are very pleased with this successful new low-cost project for bnei Torah. They blessed the askonim with success in all of their endeavors.

In their letter of brocho written by HaRav Moshe Shmuel Shapira, maranan verabonon note that they are pleased with the fact that the project is named after HaRav Tzvi Shraga Grossbard, who was dedicated to Torah education. HaRav Shapira blesses the originators of this project that had been founded with the support and blessing of Maran HaRav Eliezer Menachem Shach, shlita.

HaRav Yosef Sholom Eliashiv warmly welcomed the delegation and signed HaRav Shapira's letter. He said that he was very pleased with the founding of a community al taharas hakodesh for bnei Torah. He also said that this community would surely strengthen and influence the entire city.

HaRav Aharon Leib Shteinman also signed the letter, and expressed his amazement over the rapid development of Elad and its Torah institutions, and especially over the up-and- coming project which will increase kevod Shomayim. HaRav Shteinman especially thanked Rabbi Yaakov Asher for his dedicated efforts on behalf of Elad and the new project.

HaRav Tzvi Markowitz thanked the moro de'asra and the local activists -- especially Rabbi Yaakov Asher -- for their efforts to expand the borders of kedushoh in Elad.

HaRav Shmuel Auerbach, one of the spiritual directors of Elad, said that he is very pleased with its rapid development and the flourishing of its Torah institutions. He also signed the letter.

Rabbi Yaakov Asher told Yated Ne'eman that he has been accompanying the Nachlas Shraga project since its inception, and that it is without a doubt the most attractive project of the bnei Torah community, due to its low cost and high quality.

Upon occupation of all the bnei Torah and yeshiva yungerleit projects, Elad will have thousands of residents. Nachlas Shraga will play an important role in the Torah city of Elad.


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