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Church of Scotland Building on a Jewish Cemetery in Tiveria

Tiveria is again the site of a struggle over the sanctity and dignity of ancient graves. Once again the cry goes out to leave the bones of our ancestors in peace.

If this is not Judicial Imperialism, What Is?
By Rabbi Nosson Zeev Grossman

The High Court's decision and actions with regard to many issues, including the drafting of yeshiva students, prayer at the Kosel, and more have had a consistent direction of undermining the remnant of genuine Judaism that subsists in public life, and creating new standards, quite dangerous ones -- all in the name of pluralism.

Chukas HaTorah
by L. Jungerman

"`This is the statute of the Torah.' Since the nations of the world taunt Israel saying: What kind of a commandment is this? What reason lies behind it? -- therefore it is called `statute'. It is a [arbitrary] decree before Me and you have no permission to question it" (Rashi).

Father-Son Interaction
by HaRav Yehoshua Shklar

In the wake of an article I once wrote about the parental responsibility of taking an interest in their children's study in yeshivos ketanos and gedolos, I received many supportive letters thanking me for discussing this topic in public. I was also requested to continue emphasizing this subject since it directly concerns the benefit our precious children derive from their institutions of study.

Observations: Finance Ministry Gives Hundreds of Millions of Shekels to Bahai
by S. Yisraeli

Devoted Jews and heads of Torah institutions, who are constantly under attack for so-called "chareidi blackmail," will likely find the following story of interest.

Observations: Life in the Shadow of Former Communism
by M. Shinover

As the opening of the International Conference on Children in Europe and West Asia approaches, UNICEF, the UN agency that deals with children around the world, has published research findings from a study the organization conducted among children in a number of countries.

Request for Information

To The Editor:

May I, through the courtesy of your columns, request that anyone who has photographs, stories or anecdotes concerning the late Rebbetzin Miriam Rabinowitz, o"h, please forward these to us. Please make sure to label clearly anything you wish to be returned.

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