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Tova's Dream
by Arye Zisman

On October 15th, 1946, a slim young girl stepped onto a London train heading for Dover. Her dream had come true; she was on her way to Germany to work in a D.P. camp...

Language Skills - At What Age Do We Begin?
by A. Ross

The learning of speech and language intrigues scientists all over the world and they wonder whether it is similar to the process of other learning, like mathematics, or whether we are speaking about a different process which is connected to a different part of the brain.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Rabbi L. from Kiryat Sefer asks me how should a parent deal with a child who has fallen and struck his head.

This unfortunately is a difficult question to answer. Certainly, a child who is unconscious, confused, or lethargic, requires immediate attention. The problem is with children who fall and are not unconscious or sustained only a very brief period of unconsciousness...

Made In Heaven

by L.M.W.

Shidduchim are made in Heaven, true, but wouldn't you like to be that lucky intermediary in establishing a union that will continue for all time?

Letters, Eitzes, Feedback

Announcing a new gemach - will innovations never cease? This one is the invention of a mother of necessity. A mother in Ramot had twins in a double digit family (Boruch and Brocha) and naturally wanted to dress them nicely. When she was showered with look-alike outfits, not necessarily new but in good condition, she conceived of the idea of a twin gemach...

Panic in a Pocketbook
by Malka Adler

The true meaning of the word `embarrassing' would be difficult to fathom until you've found yourself holding up a long line at the supermarket checkout counter while frantically searching, elbow-deep, in a bottomless Savta-Simcha- like pocketbook for a credit card/ checkbook/ wallet...

Book Review
Let's Learn About Kosher Food

by Rabbi Ze'ev Greenwald
Published by Feldheim, Reviewed by Judith Weil

When this writer was a teenager, a friend who attended a non- Jewish high school in England told her that a classmate had approached her, and suddenly asked how to kasher meat. The classmate explained her unexpected question: "My mother used to buy her meat from a kosher butcher, but now she says it's too expensive, so she's decided to buy it from a general butcher. But now she needs to kasher it..."

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