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Announcing a new gemach - will innovations never cease? This one is the invention of a mother of necessity. A mother in Ramot had twins in a double digit family (Boruch and Brocha) and naturally wanted to dress them nicely. When she was showered with look-alike outfits, not necessarily new but in good condition, she conceived of the idea of a twin gemach with all kinds of things on loan: outfits for girl/s- boy/s, infant seats, carriages and so on. To give or get, call 02-586-7120. She reports that the infant seats are in big demand for the first few months, when Ima wants to keep an eye on the children and keep them near her, with no room for the big carriage.


Henna Kaufman from London writes:

I enjoyed your articles on bedtime stories. I find in my house that whenever I sit down to read a story, somehow all my family is attracted like magnets to join me, from the youngest to the oldest. It is quality time that we all, myself included, gain from. However, it is not always possible to read every night, but I always sing with my children. Besides Hamaloch and Hinei Lo Yonum, I sing an individual song to each child with their own name, like Abba loves... Mummy loves... Zaidy/ Bubby/ Opa/ Oma loves... I also tell them in my song that they are a lovely boy/ girl and that they should sleep tight all through the night until the morning bright. It is a pleasant ritual they look forward to.

My mother used to sing to me the day's events in rhyme and whenever friends slept over, she would sing to them as well, which they always appreciated. [Rhyming is not as difficult as you might think. The kids can help!]

At Yom Tov, I sing an appropriate song and on Motzoei Shabbos we sing "Gut voch". We sing applicable songs from the sidra. [Ed. How about familiar ones from the Haftorah? Have the older children look for them. You London Pirchei- ites should have plenty in your repertoire. One of my favorites: Ma Noavu Al Hehorim. Remember which Haftorah?]

All this takes 30 seconds to a minute and soothes each child, makes them feel loved and secure, and settles them into a sleep mode. Even older ones... One can start this from the day the child is born and continue it for quite a number of years.


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