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A Sefer Torah is Ushered into the Even Yisroel Yeshiva in Ramot

by B. Kahn

Jerusalem's Ramot neighborhood was filled with excitement on Monday, the 26th of Kislev, the second night of Chanukah as it anticipated the ushering in of a sefer Torah to the Even Yisroel yeshiva. The transcribing of the final letters of the sefer Torah was attended by maranan verabonon, headed by the posek hador, Maran HaRav Yosef Sholom Eliashiv. This took place in the home of the rosh yeshiva HaRav Tzvi Weisfish in the Nof Ramot neighborhood at 7 p.m. From there, the procession left for the Ohel Yosef synagogue, and headed toward the commercial center in Kiryat Ungvar, on its way to the yeshiva's building on Mirsky Street.

Police closed the street and the parking lots in Nof Ramot, enabling the gedolei haTorah and the many participants to reach the area. Heading the procession were 400 students of the neighborhood's talmudei Torah, who bore torches in their hands.

When the sefer Torah reached the yeshiva's main study hall, the many participants danced in honor of the Torah. At 8 p.m., a seudas mitzva was held in the yeshiva's building. The entire event was conveyed by closed circuit to the two auditoriums in the building, so that all of the 500 students of the yeshiva and Kollel HaRan could see them.

The seudas mitzvah also served as a Chanukah mesiba for the students and avreichim of all of mosdos of Yeshivas HaRan, including the Chacham Tzvi yeshiva in Beitar, and the Yechi Reuven yeshiva in Givat Zev.

Today, 60 students study in the Even Yisroel yeshiva in Ramot, which was founded half a year ago, and has gained wide acclaim for its superiority. Throughout the joyous event, the impressive growth of the Yeshivas HaRan institutions was described. The gedolei Yisroel and roshei yeshiva pointed to the yeshiva's positive development, and spoke about the new yeshiva ketana, Yam HaTorah, which will open, be'ezras Hashem next year, and will be located in the yeshiva's building in Ramot Polin.

Busloads of participants left Kiryat Sefer and Beit Shemesh, and arrived on the scene in order to participate in the joyous event. A special delegation on behalf of the yeshiva's administration traveled to Ben Gurion airport in order to welcome the guests of honor and the most generous donors who arrived for a one-day visit from abroad, in order to participate in the hachnosas sefer Torah celebration.


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