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Now is the Time to Make a Difference

The right reason to vote is that we are bid to do so by the gedolei ume'orei hador, whose advice and rulings we follow in every important area of life.

Speaking before the elections of 5715, Maran HaRav Aharon Kotler, zt'l, said, "These elections are also a survey. Everyone is asked if he accepts upon himself Ma'amad Har Sinai as well as kedusha and taharo, or the opposite. . . . Whoever votes for the Torah list is mekadesh sheim Shomayim in public . . . one who does not participate allies himself with the rosho and bears responsibility."

Kabolas HaTorah and The Final Redemption
by HaRav Sholom Schwadron, zt'l

It is written in parshas Yisro 19:4, "Vo'eso eschem al kanfei neshorim ve'ovi eschem eilai, and I carried you on eagle's wings and I brought you to Me." Rashi explains, like an eagle that carries its nestlings on its wings.

Leftist Fanaticism
by Rabbi Nosson Zev Grossman

There was a neck-and-neck race in the last elections, for the fourteenth Knesset, between the various candidates for the position of Prime Minister of Israel. In the end the race was decided by a mere half of a percent. This realization has naturally caused considerable tension in the current election campaign, and especially among the heads of the big parties.

Living with Kovod
by Rabbi Shmuel Globus

"Bnei Yisroel shall camp with each person near the banner having his paternal family's insignia. They shall camp at a specified distance around the Mishkon." (Bamidbor 2:2)

Extending for eight miles, the encampment of Bnei Yisroel in the desert was certainly a breathtaking sight. Millions of Jews living in magnificent order; and in the center was the Mishkon.

This Torah Shall Not Be Exchanged
by L. Yungerman

Standing at the foothill of Mt. Sinai, the Jewish People received the Torah. And from that very moment onward, the Torah has remained in its hands. The Giver of the Torah explicitly said: "For I have given You a good doctrine." And therefore, it is coupled with a request, "Do not abandon My Torah." The Torah is in your hands -- guard it! Do not forsake it!

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