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The Eitz Hadaas School System is Growing by Leaps and Bounds

by Betzalel Kahn

The staff of the Eitz Hadaas educational network is working overtime in order to accommodate the hundreds of parents who are registering their children in its kindergartens and day care centers for the new school year. This network functions under the full guidance of gedolei Yisroel.

Over the past few years, Eitz Hadaas has been growing by leaps and bounds, and it currently has branches in the new chareidi centers of Beit Shemesh, Kiryat Sefer, Elad-Mazor and Ramat Shlomo (Shuafat) of Jerusalem.

Eitz Hadaas is widely acclaimed for the outstanding quality and professional level of its teachers and staff members. Parents who leave their children in the care of the network's kindergartens and day care centers for long hours during the day are very pleased with Eitz Hadaas's high standards and fine staff members. The parents are also impressed with the dedication and tireless efforts of the network's head, Rabbi Avrohom Maklev, who makes every effort to guarantee the exceptional quality of the day care centers.

With the marked development of the Eitz Hadaas institutions, many wonder why the Jerusalem Municipality still sees no need to accord them official recognition, and doesn't subsidize them at all, while similar institutions do receive municipal subsidies. The municipality's disregard of the needs of Eitz Hadaas is especially hard to understand in light of the fact that many Jerusalem residents send their children to Eitz Hadaas schools and institutions. There is no justification for the failure to accord Eitz Hadaas recognition, especially since it identifies with the largest political faction in the City Council.

At the meeting, which was organized by avreichim and friends of the system, it was decided to once again turn to the UTJ representatives in city hall, and to insist that the Jerusalem Municipality recognize the Eitz Hadaas network. These avreichim intend to hold a meeting with Mayor Olmert and to present him with an appeal signed by all of the parents.

Following is the response of the municipality's spokesman, Chagai Elias: "The Eitz Hadaas network is a private one which has asked to receive recognition within the municipal framework. The topic is being examined by the Attorney General and the Treasurer's office."

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