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Standing By Our Brother's Blood
by Tzvia Ehrlich-Klein

In the late afternoon this week, I stood behind my closed third floor window, looking down at the flames of a fire raging below me. The flames were leaping out of the huge, new garbage bin which the Jerusalem municipality had recently brought for the buildings in my neighborhood. The garbage bin had been bright, shiny green, and new, and now it was blackened and partially misshapen, with flames leaping out. This was the third or fourth time this has happened within a year.

Letters, Eitzes, Feedback
The Day Camp Alternative

by R. Chadshai

My ten-year-old daughter refuses to be registered for the school day camp. I am a mother of six, my oldest being twelve and the youngest, a six-month-old baby. I don't work outside the house, but since she is an only daughter amongst five boys, I am afraid that she will become bored very quickly during vacation, especially since most of her friends do intend to go.

Poppy Seed Salad Dressing
by Rivka Tal

[To tell the truth, this recipe was left over from Purim, but as summer is salad time, fruit or vegetable, it should be an interesting change from the regular thing.]

Delicious for fruit salads such as grapefruit and avocado.

Poet's Corner
The Pelephone Epidemic
by Malka Adler

On the street someone's walking alone,
With wild gestures and a frantic tone,
Loudly speaking into his phone,
What Israel needs is a `no phone zone'.
It's the `in' thing, or is it out?
No one whispers, rather, they shout.
Express their feelings, leave no doubt
As to what the subject is about.
Seniors or juniors, there are no rules,
Mommy dials while baby burps and drools,
Carpenters, plumbers, in their box of tools,
Seen in stores, on streets, even in shuls.
A bus ride used to be a quiet time,
Now it's personal current events at its prime,
Smiles, sighs, scowls, sneers - a real pantomime,
I'm dizzy when down the the bus I climb.
Now at simchas - it's ringing we hear,
At the chupa or when the chosson is near.
Ima left the house - but they found her here,
Through the black thing pressed against her ear.
Surrounded by baskets, loaded with shopping,
Savta's cellular rings without stopping,
Apples falling, oranges dropping,
Frantic to find it - her brow she's mopping.
Recall Egyptian plague number two?
Live frogs, their numbers grew and grew.
Pelephones a-popping up - it's true,
So maybe I can use yours when you're through?
Cellular phones - we shouldn't or should?
Whatever we do - the news should be good!

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