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Chief Rabbinate Revokes Yachdav Fruit Warehouse Kashrus Certificate

by Betzalel Kahn

Recently, considerable strife has been reported between the country's Co-op food (Blue Square) marketing network and the Yachdav fruit warehouses. The issue concerns suitable kashrus arrangements for produce marketed by Yachdav to the Co-op's hundred branches throughout the country. Last week, Yachdav's representatives met with the Rabbinate and the kashrus committees associated with the company's central warehouse.

Yated Ne'eman has learned that Yachdav has not agreed to accept the basic principle that the Rabbinate is to be the sole source of kashrus instructions and certification.

Yachdav continued to load their marketing trucks last week with grapes which did not have a certificate from the Rabbinate. The grapes came from the Jordan Valley, where the incidence of orla is high. As a result, the Rabbinate issued a letter saying that the company's kashrus certificate is revoked immediately, and that its mashgichim will no longer report to work in the company's warehouses.

Following halachic guidelines, the Chief Rabbinate continued to take ma'aser from the produce in the warehouse last week to avoid the issur of tevel. The Rabbinate felt that this measure was necessary since the company has branches all over the country, and the news of the revocation of the kashrus certificate has yet to reach the public at large.

According to a senior source in the Rabbinate, last week, many people stopped purchasing fruits and vegetables in the branches of the Blue-Square food chain. But due to the company's further lapse in kashrus observance, the supervision has been completely removed. The Shefa Mehadrin chain has promised the Department for Land Related Laws of the Jerusalem Rabbinate that as long as the Yachdav company does not accept kashrus guidelines, Shefa Mehadrin will not buy its produce. The Jerusalem Rabbinate was pleased with the measures taken by Shefa Mehadrin to strengthen the kashrus system.

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