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Open Letter to Bais Yaakov Students

The following letter appeared in Yated Ne'eman in Hebrew on 21 Elul on page 3.

Following a request by maranan verabbonon gedolei hador shlita to warn against the impact of the weekly newspapers distributed in chareidi areas, we are addressing all Bais Yaakov students and their parents.

The Bais Yaakov school system is monitoring, with pain and concern, the cumulative damage wrought by all of the various weeklies. These commercial publications seek to play a part in shaping the internal world of our daughters, to distort the untainted Torah worldview and to bring the "street" into the Jewish home.

Both their contents and tone foster indifference and even scorn for the sacred, dampen fervor for Yiddishkeit and lower the high aspirations that have characterized bnos Yisroel throughout the generations. These weeklies provide a platform for remarks and opinions of people whose lives stand in stark contrast to Torah and mitzvas, including some who defile Yiddishkeit. These articles appear alongside Torah articles, giving the impression that the newspaper is representative of the proper Jewish worldview. Little by little, they constantly channel views that characterized the "Enlightenment movement" to the edges of our camp, views which de-prioritize Torah study and encourage the pursuit of the temporal over the eternal.

We are addressing those who wish to hear; particularly since they now seek to maximize their influence through free distribution, we must make every effort to guard the gates of our homes from this affliction.

Daughters of Israel! Do not forgo your right to screen out even certain publications that claim to be chareidi. Please heed this call to keep at a distance all weeklies and other media that our Torah luminaries frown upon.

May we have the merit to soon see the promise of "and the world will be filled with knowledge of Hashem" come to fruition.

Ze'ev Wolfe, Rav Wolfe Seminary, Bnei Brak

Yeshayohu Liberman, Merkaz Bais Yaakov, Jerusalem

Binyomin Scharansky, Bais Yaakov Teachers Institute, Jerusalem

The Administration, Gur Seminaries in Eretz Hakodesh, Bnei Brak

Yaakov Waltzer, Vishnitz Seminary, Bnei Brak

Yehuda Aryeh (Leon) Cohen, Ofakim Seminary, Ofakim

Yechiel Mendelson, Darkei Rachel Seminary, Jerusalem

Pinchos Zeidman, Boyan Seminary, Jerusalem

Shraga Feivel Sherr, Bais Chana - Tzanz, Netanya

Azariyoh Hildesheimer, Petach Tikva Seminary, Petach Tikva

Shmuel Halevi Meir, Bnei Brak, Kiryat Sefer

Menachem Ostry, Bais Yaakov for Girls, Haifa

Ben Tzion Hacohen Kook, Alei Be'er Seminary, Jerusalem

Avrohom Kahane, Bnei Brak

A.S. Eliyakim, Bnei Brak

Aharon Feurstein, Kiryat Sefer Seminary, Kiryat Sefer

Eliezer Rob, Maalot Seminary, Jerusalem

Moshe Einhorn, Beit Binah, Jerusalem

Mordechai Menachem Ben Shalom, Merkaz Bais Yaakov, Rechasim

Yechiel Yonah, Chanichei Hayeshivos Seminary, Bnei Brak

Daniel Weitzman, Ayelet Hashachar, Jerusalem

Yechiel Meir Tzuker, Bais Yaakov Hachadash, Ashdod

The Administration, Bnot Elisheva, Jerusalem

The Administration, Moreshes Bais Yaakov, Jerusalem

The Administration, Darkei Rachel, Beit Shemesh

The Administration, Bais Yaakov, Ashdod

The Administration, Zichron Bais Yaakov, Netanya

The Administration, Afikei Daat, Jerusalem

The Administration, Darkei Rachel, Tzfat

The Administration, Beit Yaffa, Hadera


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