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Rav Amos Bunim zt"l
By Yechiel Sever

At a mournful funeral attended by a large assembly, including gedolei Torah, roshei yeshivos, roshei kollelim, rabbonim, Chinuch Atzmai heads and directors of Torah, chinuch and chessed organizations, final respects were paid to Rabbi Amos Bunim z"l of Lawrence, New York, a leading figure among US activists working to promote Torah-true Judaism. One of the leading Torah supporters of our age, he returned his soul to his Maker on Shabbos at the age of 82.

French Assembly Foreign Affairs Delegates Lash Out at Israeli Ambassador
By Arnon Yaffeh, Paris

The Palestinians are succeeding in turning heads among opinion shapers in France in their campaign to hold a vote on the State of Palestine in the U.N. General Assembly. In France, prejudice, antisemitism and a hatred for Israel have reached the National Assembly.

Israel's PR Budget a 'Sad Joke'
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Israel's public relations budget is extremely low and fails to meet its needs, Daniel Zonshine, director of the Information Department at the Foreign Ministry, told the Knesset's Committee on Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs this week.

General and Specific Letters Against Mishpachah Reissued with Chassidic Rabbonim
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Two weeks ago on 29 Nisan the Hebrew Yated Ne'eman published two letters. One was signed by rabbonim and roshei yeshiva that focused on criticism of the weekly Jewish magazine Mishpachah, and another that made a point of including Mishpachah within the context of general criticism of Hebrew weekly advertising newspapers, as well as radio and Internet sites.

Letter About "Weeklies" (including Mishpachah), Radio and Internet
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

All of the weeklies and freebies, including Mishpachah, distort and blur the holy Torah world view we received from our rabbonim and one should not, choliloh, bring newspapers of this sort into the home or promote them in any way.

Letter About Mishpachah

Gedolei Yisroel have issued warnings in the past to avoid the influence of the weeklies, and now we are hereby voicing our pain over the remarks recently made in the weekly magazine Mishpachah, which reflect on ongoing pattern of bringing in values from the outside world into our world, thereby causing extensive harm to the lofty and sacred values we work hard to bestow. Therefore they and all of the other various weeklies should be avoided.

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