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Public Outcry Against IDF `Conversions' Continues

by Yated Ne'eman Staff

At the behest of gedolei Yisroel shlita, the public is continuing to voice opposition to the false "conversions" performed in the IDF, where official conversions are conducted through an assembly line apparatus without a genuine undertaking of mitzvahs.

"In the present situation," gedolei Yisroel wrote last month in a letter of protest, "it is abundantly clear that these non-Jews had no intention of undertaking any of the pillars of the Jewish religion — not Shabbos, not kashrus and not family purity — and everybody can say without reservation that these non-Jews have no intention of observing Judaism."

Rabbonim and dayonim said these conversion frameworks systematically employ deceit and constitute a severe breach in Kerem Beis Yisroel. They stressed the need to continue monitoring the situation and not to permit any fictitious conversions conducted in a secular framework that dictates the character of the procedure and constantly demands "flexibility" in order to enable large-scale conversion for those who would like to join "Israeli society" and/or the "national partnership" without accepting halachic Judaism or keeping Torah and mitzvahs. "No secular framework can be allowed to conduct conversion, which should be handled only be established, reputable botei din," rabbonim noted.

Rabbonim and public figures are now issuing calls to arrange a major gathering to explain the issue to the public at large and to expose the extent of the scandal taking place in a system rife with self- deception and which makes a laughing stock of halacha as it applies to conversion issues.

The firm stance taken by the Torah world to reject outright conversion that does not entail an acceptance of mitzvahs has already shifted somewhat the view that IDF conversion should be granted sweeping credence. Following the outcry by the halacha world, some figures involved in conducting these conversions reversed themselves at least partially and are now qualifying their pronouncements regarding false conversion. However, the campaign must continue until all traces of recognition of conversion that is at odds with halacha are uprooted.

For instance, this week some backtracking was heard from official public statements by Chief Rabbinate figures who previously had insisted that conversion procedures already conducted by the IDF conversion court could not be challenged. These same Chief Rabbinate figures ceaselessly conducted campaigns demagogically insisting that "ain acharei ma'aseh beis din klum" applies to the fictitious conversions conducted in the army.

Meanwhile they also claimed that the dictum "ein ledayan ela mah she'einov ro'os" applies to the "conversion dayonim" in the military, who knowingly permitted the fraudulent process to take place before their very eyes, therefore these dayonim could supposedly accept without question the ludicrous declarations made by non-Jews who clearly had no intention of bearing the yoke of Torah and mitzvahs.


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