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Employment Center for Disabled Under Construction in Bnei Brak

by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Bnei Brak Mayor Rabbi Yissochor Frankental has approved and is backing an NIS-6 million ($1.5 million) construction project for a building to house a rehabilitative employment center designed to facilitate assisted employment for the disabled. Construction is being carried with the help of the Shalem Foundation, the National Insurance Foundation and Mifal Hapayis.

For 40 years Bnei Brak has had an employment program for 21- year-olds who are unable to work in the regular job market. Today the program employs 40 participants, who perform tasks such as packaging, folding, gluing and screwing. The raw materials are supplied by external factories and importers like Electronatecha, Yoskovitz, Weissgraf and Silko.

The need for a chareidi rehabilitation center was raised by several councilmen. The facility, which will be divided into a men's department and a women's department, will employ professionals from the chareidi sector who are familiar with and sensitive to the needs and way of life of the chareidi population.

A team of three social workers and the head of the existing rehabilitation programs is in charge of planning the new facility.

Until the new facility opens, a class for 21-year-old chareidi men with special needs has been started. The class operates independently and has a separate entrance to the workshop and dining room.

Coordinated by a professional chareidi staff, social activity includes tefillos and shiurim on parshas hashavua, a range of hands-on activities and even hydrotherapy (with separate swimming arrangements) at the Ezer Mitzion building. A group guided by a chareidi social worker has also been set up to provide enrichment and to promote independent development. There is also a plan to extend the program into the afternoon hours and to open a social club to occupy the participants until the evening.

The new rehabilitation center will be built with high construction standards and new production lines will be started, in addition to a track for participants with the potential to enter the regular job market.

In addition to the new facility, the existing facility will also be renovated. Mayor Frankental says the center will also be made available to young men from nearby cities, in coordination with the respective local authorities.


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