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Another Attack in the 19th Arrondissement — Three Young Jews Sustain Injuries

By Arnon Yaffeh, Paris

A group of Arabs assaulted three young Jews on Shabbos in yet another antisemitic attack in a mixed Jewish-Arab neighborhood in eastern Paris neighborhood known as the 19th arrondissement.

Police pursued a group of at least seven Arabs and Africans, but have not concluded that the attack was motivated by antisemitism. So far no arrests have been made. "It appears almost certain the attack was antisemitic," said the local police commander.

Meanwhile the mayor of the 19th arrondissement said, "The state of violence against the Jews is deteriorating and no solution is visible at present. We must promote dialogue between the communities. Arab residents claim the attackers come from their violent fringes and are beyond their control."

Parents of the three teenagers told a Jewish radio station that their sons were wearing yarmulkes on their way to Minchah when a group of Arabs started hurling rocks at them. One of the Arabs, a towering giant, grabbed one of the three Jews, threw him to the ground and beat him while the other six joined in and degraded the other two. "We're leaving the neighborhood," declared the father of one of the victims, articulating sentiments shared by many other members of the Jewish community.

At the same site another young Jew, Rudy Haddad, was attacked three months ago and is still suffering from the head wounds he sustained, which landed him in a coma.

The police continue officially to label the attack an instance of gang warfare, but an eyewitness said the Jews did not provoke the Muslim youths in any way. One was listed in moderate condition while the other two suffered broken noses from punches thrown by the attackers. All three spent the night in the hospital and were discharged the following afternoon.

Even if the assailants are apprehended, they will inevitably be released quickly by the authorities, as in previous incidents. The judges hear the mothers weep and take pity on them. One juvenile judge said the perpetrators should be released to keep them from turning into criminals in jail and getting recruited into Islamic extremism.


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