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European Parliament Transformed into Platform for Antisemitic and Anti-Israel Incitement

By Arnon Yaffeh, Paris

Several EU parliamentarians are waging a lone battle against the pro-Palestinian incitement taking over the benches of the European Parliament.

"Killing Israelis is called resistance," shouted Patrick Gover at the last incitement gathering against Israel in the parliament in Strasbourg. The entire hall fired abuse at him. The meeting chairman ordered him to leave the hall immediately and violent guards drew near before he left of his own accord. "Had I remained in front of them they would have torn me to shreds," he later recounted.

A member of the French ruling party, UMP, and chairman of an organization against antisemitism and racism, he stands almost alone against the herd of EP members consumed with hatred toward Jews and venting their derision through anti- Israel initiatives. One-third of EP members support them.

In the plenum hall they feverishly discuss the state of prisoners in Israel prisons, an issue that comes on the agenda repeatedly and unflaggingly. In addition to a third of the members, 200 outside participants arrived. EP institutions funded the gathering and provided translation services from Arabic into six languages. Faces turned crimson when Patrick Gover interrupted the lecture of PLO representative Leila Shahid, saying, "We'd like to know where the Palestinian jails are located. When Palestinian bombs kill Israeli women and children, you're not heard from demanding the Geneva Convention be applied."

One of the parliamentarians said the goal of the meeting was to stop the signing of a new agreement between Europe and "the Palestinian state." Gover says many EP members are not very familiar with the situation in Israel, but are drawn into condemnations and the extreme language heard in the plenum sessions. There is a pro-Israeli group, but it is subsumed by the majority.

Palestinians have taken control of the European Parliament. Two members lead the incitement: Louisa Morgantini of Italy and Helen Flautre, a Green from France. They organize trips to Gaza and the West Bank, visiting Israeli prisons and Palestinian hospitals, where they photograph "the victims of the Occupation." Elderly Palestinians, villagers, teachers and other respectable figures are interviewed, telling one lie after the next.

Leila Shahid, the ever-present PLO representative in Europe, pulls the strings behind all of these perverse activities and the EP members agree to play the game. According to Gover, ever since its guilt pangs for collaborating with the Nazi occupation, the European Left has tried to put the ball in the Israeli court. Today they are the occupiers.

"I told them, `Instead of talking about the Palestinians' suffering as a result of the separation barrier and the homes that have been demolished, why don't you say you're trying to do away with Israel?' Only then do they shut up and lower their heads." Ever since the first president of the European Parliament, Simone Weil, a Holocaust survivor from France, the EP has undergone a transformation and turned into a platform for antisemitism and hatred toward Israel. Most of its members are unsuccessful politicians who were sent by their parties to take advantage of the benefits of working one week per month and a high salary. Due to utter boredom many of them vent their darkest feelings. Gover says the only issues that fill the plenum hall are Palestine and animal rights.


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