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New Construction in Har Nof

by Betzalel Kahn

A new project is slated for construction in Jerusalem's Har Nof neighborhood for the first time in the past decade. The project, which received blessings from Har Nof rabbonim, will allow young couples to join the neighborhood's somewhat aging populace. Har Nof was built over 20 years ago and today has 25,000 residents. The total absence of construction for the past ten years has prevented young couples from moving to Har Nof.

A group of entrepreneurs from the US is set to grant final approval for the construction of 100 new units on Rechov Chai Taib, providing housing solutions both for large families seeking more living space and young couples that want to come to the neighborhood. The entrepreneurs behind the project announced that the apartments would only be sold to families suited to the neighborhood's character.

The Local Planning and Construction Committee at the City of Jerusalem approved the project long ago and recently the Jerusalem District Committee also granted approval. Now the project is under public review as required by law.

The vast majority of Har Nof residents supports the project and hopes the District Committee will grant final approval quickly—rejecting any objections that might be filed—to allow the project to get underway as soon as possible. Har Nof residents say that after the changes the District Committee has already made, there is no longer any rationale for opposition to the plan.

The investors decided of their own initiative to contribute hundreds of thousands of shekels toward various neighborhood improvement projects. Guided by the City of Jerusalem and the Har Nof Community Administration they intend to develop public space located near the construction project, transforming it into a special panoramic lookout including benches, landscaping and playground equipment.

New playground equipment and benches will also be installed at several neighborhood parks. On the project grounds the investors will also make several hundred square meters of space available for public use, including an infant-care center (Tipat Chalav) and a children's library, pending decisions by the City of Jerusalem and the Community Administration.


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