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Vaada Lemaan HaShabbos Discusses Eruvin Problems and Bolstering Shabbos in Jerusalem

by Betzalel Kahn

Vaadat Harabbonim Lemaan Kedushas HaShabbos held a meeting to discuss ways of maintaining the sanctity of Shabbos in Jerusalem, which the rabbonim referred to as the crown of the Jewish people. They said that the city should be a paragon of Shabbos observance, setting an example for other cities. Shabbos observance also guarantees its security, for Chazal said Jerusalem was destroyed because of Shabbos desecration.

Participants at the meeting included HaRav Shmuel Binyomin Sofer, HaRav Moshe Yadler, HaRav Avrohom Yeshayohu Fine, HaRav Hillel Weinberg, HaRav Tzvi Odesser, HaRav Amir Krispal and HaRav Yosef Aryeh Deutsch as well as committee secretaries Rav Yitzchok Goldknopf, Rav Yosef Rosenfeld and Rav Chanoch Glaubinsky. Among the public officials in attendance were Mayor Rabbi Uri Lupoliansky, Deputy Mayors Rabbi Uri Maklev, Rabbi Yehoshua Pollak and Rabbi Eli Simchayof, and board members Rabbi Yosef Luk and Rabbi Shlomo Rosenstein.

Topics raised on the agenda included an incident involving a crew of non-Jewish street cleaners from East Jerusalem summoned by security forces to clear a pile of rubbish in downtown Jerusalem. Mayor Lupoliansky announced that the crew had been reprimanded for violating instructions not to work on Shabbos. He said in East Jerusalem Arabs clean their streets, but "in West Jerusalem there is not and will not be work on Shabbos." The incident was an irregularity, he noted.

The Mayor said he would continue to enforce the law and fully prosecute business owners who try to breach the walls of Shabbos Kodesh.

Mayor Lupoliansky said he was appointing City Council Member Rabbi Luk in charge of coordinating the issue of Shabbos observance in the City of Jerusalem.

Attention was also focused on the Biblical Zoo, namely talks the Mayor is conducting to insure that tickets are not sold at the site on Shabbos. Once the problem of chilul Shabbos is resolved to the chareidi public will be able to visit the zoo as well. The Mayor also said he is concentrating efforts on opening additional sites to the chareidi public in Jerusalem after Shabbos desecration is stopped there.

Also on the agenda were the severe problems associated with eruvin around the country, threatening to make carrying on Shabbos prohibited in various places. In many places where eruvin are on the verge of becoming posul residents are liable to violate Shabbos prohibitions, chas vesholom.

Rabbonim of towns around the country, kehiloh representatives and eruvin experts took part in the meeting. A visual presentation was presented to illustrate the extent of the problems. The draconian cuts in the eruvin budget have brought the eruvin program to the verge of collapse since obviously eruvin everywhere have to be constantly maintained, renewed and expanded as neighborhoods expand. Vaadas Harabbonim decided to consult the chief rabbis and officials at government authorities and municipalities to save Jews from chilul Shabbos.


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