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Home and Family

What a Day . . .
by Raizel Foner

What a day! Woke up late but with a potch or two, was able to get all the children off to school on time — that's an accomplishment! Davening, breakfast . . . Did I say a brochoh acharonoh or not? Well, I probably did.

R-i-n-g!!! Oh, good, I can wash the dishes while talking to a friend.

"She said that to you? I wouldn't take it lying down. You've got to give her a piece of your mind or she'll treat you like a doormat. Yeah . . . Yeah, right. O.K. Have a good day, bye."

Do some shopping, make a meal for a sick neighbor. Uh, oh, this recipe really flopped. What a pain! Off to the garbage it goes. Failure No. 1 for the day.

Still have time to take little Chani to the park. "Doesn't she look so sweet in this outfit, Dvora? Not like that nebich kid on the swing. Wonder if her mother is colorblind; she couldn't have mismatched the child any more even if she'd tried . . . "

Lunch, then homework. "Oh, come on! Can't you do Chumash by yourself? I'm going to ask your teacher to put you back in First Grade . . . Oh, alright. Stop crying and let's do it together, already."

Dinner, bedtime. "Kids, you'll have to say Shema yourselves, tonight. I've got to finish off this laundry." Ahh, such nice neat piles, waiting to be put away. Think I'll treat myself to some chocolate wafers. Mmmm. Yum!

"Oh, Chani, what did you do? Why are you so clumsy?" So much for those nice piles of laundry. Well, I'm too tired to refold them. Let it stay till tomorrow.

Goodnight, Hashem. Hope tomorrow will be better . . .


"My dear child," says Hashem, "getting the children off to school on time `with potches' is not an accomplishment. Don't you prefer when people treat you nicely?

"No, you didn't say a brochoh acharonoh after breakfast, and believe Me, I've heard better davening from people who owe Me a lot less than you do.

"About that phone call — how can you enjoy hearing loshon hora after last night's shiur when you heard what a terrible sin it is? With the creativity I blessed you with, I know you could have found a way to judge that person favorably and convey it to your friend on the line. Well, at least you did end that conversation with a blessisng for a nice day, even though you didn't give it any thought . . .

"You chalked yourself up a failure for the meal you made for a sick neighbor, which didn't turn out well. My precious child, by Me, it's the effort that counts, not the results, and you will certainly get reward for your act of kindness.

"Funny, how what you think is a failure, I think of as a success . . . And vice versa . . . Taking your child to the park to make her happy, and to give her some fresh air and sunshine to make her healthy, was a good deed, so you get a mitzvah. Dressing in mismatched clothing is not a sin, but looking down on others is. Who says you're any better than her?

"Making meals for your family is a tremendous mitzvah, and if you had had that in mind, your reward would have been so much greater . . .

"Making hurtful remarks to your child while doing Chumash homework is onoas devorim, and it will not endear them to Torah, you know. And when you decide to fold laundry instead of saying Shema with your children, which is part of the very commandment of veshinantom levoneicho, conveys to them a very distorted order of priorities.

"And My goodness, eating a whole package of wafers is not conducive to the mitzvah of `guarding your health' and being holy and restrained. Couldn't you have shared or saved some for the family and fulfilled `loving your neighbor as yourself?'

"Well, I am proud of you for not getting angry at little Chani when she knocked over the pile of laundry. That's a real success of controlling yourself.

"Being Omnisicent, I know that you will have a good day tomorrow. But whether your day is a success or a failure — that is not in My hands . . . "


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