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Study Program for Yeshiva Ketanoh Students from North and Initiatives of Avos Uvonim

By Betzalel Kahn

As part of efforts to meet the needs of families from northern communities forced to leave their homes and seek shelter in the Central Region, a special afternoon study program is being organized for students who had to leave their yeshivas and join their families in other cities.

In the initial stage eighth grade graduates who have been accepted to yeshivos ketanos will have a daily learning session at Beis Knesses Chanichei Hayeshivos on Rechov Brand in Jerusalem's Har Nof neighborhood. The project is being led by HaRav Yerachmiel Kram, who has been active in running bein hazmanim study programs for yeshiva ketanoh students. Students and parents interested in taking part are welcome to call 052-7628713.

The Avos Uvonim Worldwide center has launched a program for children from Tzfas, Tiberius, Meron, Haifa, Rechasim and other northern locations forced to stay at home, offering them an opportunity to take advantage of the "vacation" imposed on them in light of the circumstances and providing them a reprieve from the stressful conditions. The program was also designed for many people from the North who are unable to continue the regular Avos Uvonim sessions due to the threat of rocket attacks.

Avos Uvonim is handing out thousands of copies of a new book by HaRav Meir Lombarsky called Al Chomosayich — Al Eileh Ani Bochiyoh on Churban Habayis. The book describes the events our forefathers went through during Bein Hametzorim and the destructions of the First and Second Temples, placing emphasis on the chessed Hashem manifested even during those times.

Avos Uvonim heads worked hard to make available as quickly as possible a special activity book with quizzes and games for all ages and designed to encourage students to spend quality time with their parents.

Students who solve some or all of the quizzes and send in the answers will be eligible for a prize drawing.

"Without a doubt the merit of the learning of tinokos shel beis rabbon has the power to increase Am Yisroel's merits," says Avos Uvonim. "We need these merits at all times, especially during the difficult period we now face."

Northern residents can get copies of the activity book from local coordinators or at the world center in Jerusalem at 1- 700-500-613.


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