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Jerusalem Will Start Laying Light Rail Track This Summer

by S. Fried

Groundwork for the Jerusalem light-rail system is moving ahead at a rapid pace. As the Jerusalem Municipality completes the foundation work along the route, the project concession holder is doing its share of the task by making preparations to lay the tracks.

The CityPass Group, which holds the concession for the first phase of the light rail system, recently began preparation work for starting to lay the tracks on Sederot Herzl in August.

According to the plan the work includes changing the main intersections, geological work, digging to a depth of 1.2 meters (4 feet) and stabilizing the substrata by laying two layers of concrete. In August a special machine manufactured by the French company Elstom is scheduled to arrive to lay the tracks.

CityPass CEO Yaakov Edri reports that Sederot Herzl is the first section where tracks will be laid, and in the coming months the group will begin groundwork in Pisgat Ze'ev and Hwy. 1. According to the agreement with the concession holder, the first line will start running three years after work gets underway. "The CityPass Group is committed to making every effort to meet the timetable set in the concession agreement and to bring the light rail system to Jerusalem on time," said Edri.

Eitan Meir, director of the Jerusalem Municipality and project chairman, said, "We are aware of the inconveniences residents will experience during the track-laying work and are doing the maximum to limit the disruption for residents."

The estimated timetable is as follows:

2006 - Sederot Herzl; Sederot Moshe Dayan and Rechov Yekutiel Adam in Pisgat Ze'ev; Hwy. 1 from French Hill to Rechov Shivtei Yisrael.

2007 - Rechov Yaffo from Kikar Tzahal to Nordau Intersection; Derech Shuafat as far as French Hill; Hwy. 1 and Rechov Hatzanchanim.

2008 - Rechov Yaffo and Sederot Herzl near entrance to the city.

On Sederot Herzl public transportation will be rerouted to the private transportation lane for a period of 18 months. Be prepared for congestion.

How far the line will extend into Neveh Yaakov remains unclear. According to the Mayor's Office the mayor is aware of the question of mehadrin arrangements and the fate of Line 49 Alef.


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