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Egged Working to Improve Service in Chareidi Areas

By S. Fried

MK Rabbi Moshe Gafni held a meeting with ranking Egged officials and decision-makers to help meet the varied needs of chareidi public transportation users.

Participants at the meeting included Arik Feldman, chairman of Egged's national secretariat, Zeev Zonenson, director of the national department of operations, Rabbi Yitzchok Reich, Rechasim local council head, Rabbi Gafni and his assistant, R' Shmuel Greenberg.

At the meeting Rabbi Gafni raised various matters in need of improvement in chareidi areas, such as boosting bus frequency particularly during peak hours, and setting up a national information center and a lost-and-found department for lines in predominantly chareidi areas. Rabbi Gafni noted that the chareidi sector is the leading public transportation user and is unparalleled by any other sector, but the level at which its transportation needs are met is inadequate.

Rabbi Gafni raised a number of problems at the meeting: The route of Line 497 from Ramat Beit Shemesh to Bnei Brak skips entire neighborhoods, such as Kehillas Bnei Hayeshivos on Rechov Nachal Dolav. The line to Ashdod also skips Nachal Dolav. Line 414 from Ramat Beit Shemesh to Bnei Brak runs only twice daily. The connection between Bnei Brak and Beit Shemesh is inadequate, particularly on weekends and Line 417 from Ramat Beit Shemesh to Jerusalem is overcrowded.

Proposals were raised to create direct lines from Ramat Beit Shemesh to Jerusalem, especially during morning hours, to Har Nof and Bayit Vegan on weekends and to Modi'in Illit, Elad, Beitar, Rechasim and Haifa on Erev Shabbos and Motzei Shabbos and to operate a line to the beach in Ashdod during the summer months. A request was also made to increase the frequency of Line 14 from Ramat Beit Shemesh to the train station.

In the South the chareidi community is satisfied with the line from Netivot and Tifrach to Jerusalem and the Central Region, but Ofakim would also like to be included in the route. Initial permits have been obtained to operate lines from Yeruchom and Dimona to Jerusalem.

In the North, the Neveh Shaanan community of Haifa sent a proposal to arrange pickup and drop-off points in the neighborhood. Proposals were also made to operate a new line between Rechasim, Modi'in Illit and Elad.

In the Central Region a request was submitted for a new line connecting Elad to Rechovot and Ashdod.

At the end of the meeting Egged executives informed MK Gafni they would accommodate a large portion of the requests and changes would be made in the near future in several locations. Rabbi Gafni thanked them for their good will and expressed hopes for effective cooperation between Egged and the chareidi public.


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